Éliminer le gaspillage, Augmenter la productivité - Un guide rapide des pratiques Lean pour les professionnels de la construction




Get a live, complete view of your on-site progress so that you can manage your teams better, assure quality and keep your project well-protected against claims.


Know exactly what is happening on site and where so that you can prevent loss of time, detect mistakes early and deliver successful projects faster without compromising quality.


Communicate and report on the same digital platform in real time, reducing errors and costly misunderstandings. So that you can deliver faster and sleep better at night.


Keep your project safe against commercial claims at all times by documenting everything in a single source of truth.


Get real-time updates straight from the site so that you can prevent mistakes and deal with evolving challenges more effectively.


Get a shareable on-site live view of your project and stay on track with each team’s progress at every stage.


LetsBuild brings visibility, complete control, and unique insight into what is happening on site so that you can make better decisions faster and increase your profitability.

Head of Digital

LetsBuild offers you the clarity and insight you need to leverage digitalisation and increase the profitability of your projects.


Prevent time-waste, detect mistakes early and deliver projects sooner thanks to a clear and complete view of your on-site progress.

Project Managers

LetsBuild gives you instant access to a single source of truth with all the information you need to stay connected with your teams, avoid interruptions and deliver successful projects sooner.

QHSE Managers

etsBuild helps you digitise and automate your quality and safety processes so that you can reduce downtime and finish your projects faster.

Reduce Admin

See everything using a single source of truth and ensure that everyone stays connected without you running around the site chasing updates.


Track progress, check quality against tasks in real time and connect multiple contractors and trades from one place so that you can make better decisions and reduce the duration of your projects.

Site Managers

LetsBuild makes it easier for site managers to connect seamlessly with the office and document everything by creating their site diary as they go.