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LetsBuild offers a true end-to-end solution for the construction phase. Replacing pen and paper as well as multiple different apps, you can now improve collaboration, insight, accountability and transparency with our construction software platform.

Keep all data in one platform

LetsBuild offers project management software designed to fully replace paper & pen on site. With LetsBuild you capture site data, share and access documents and drawings, manage your quality management system, capture non-conformities, streamline communication between site and office, all whilst seamlessly integrating with 3rd party industry-standard tools.

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Easy to use and instant return on investment

You don’t need to read 30 pages of documentation to get started with LetsBuild’s solutions. Our easy-to-use apps are built to be intuitive for site workers so they can get the job done as fast as possible. For large scale deployments, our dedicated on-boarding team will make sure everyone is up and running in no time, so that you get the most out of LetsBuild from Day 1.

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Focused process from beginning to end

LetsBuild was developed to support your construction processes. We understand the issues experienced in construction, and we have developed LetsBuild’s software solutions in close cooperation with industry leading construction companies to further optimise our solution for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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mobile scheduling

More than a planning tool

While LetsBuild’s scheduling module does have planning capabilities, we specialise in breaking down the master plan into bite-sized chunks that workers on site can work to and report on. Compared to traditional static planning tools, LetsBuild puts the plan activity in the hands of the workers. And because it is linked to the master plan, you can stay fully on top of your project.

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Say goodbye to outdated plans with poor data

Nothing is worse than presenting outdated construction plans to management with last week’s data. LetsBuild delivers detailed activity planning and updates made live from site. Now, you can report precisely and with insight to management and stakeholders.

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No more scattered data and information

Working with different tools presents its own set of problems: Fragmented data, multiple data sources and formats, risk of data loss and miscommunication. LetsBuild ensures you avoid this by centralising all plan-related communication, data collection and reporting into one tool that everyone can use. LetsBuild also makes it easy to migrate data from existing tools and processes by integrating with many common 3rd party tools.

All of our craftsmen can figure out LetsBuild, even a flat-footed IT user with the cheapest smartphone. The system is just so extremely simple and straightforward, and each month we are continuously using LetsBuild on more projects.

Tommy Nielsen

Managing Director, Juul & Nielsen

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