Track and solve non-conformities with ease

Keeping track of what is happening on construction sites is challenging. LetsBuild helps you get rid of Excel sheets, phone calls, email threads, and pen & paper, so you can focus on getting the actual work done.

The no-stress way to manage your construction processes

Revolutionise data capture on site for all your quality, health and safety processes with LetsBuild’s construction project management software. LetsBuild keeps you in the loop with everything happening on the project, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time chasing your team or contractors on site.

Multi-tasking made easy

LetsBuild brings everything that happens in the construction phase into a user-friendly interface, always at your disposal. Manage your meeting minutes, site diaries, task updates, forms, and all your quality, health and safety templates from a central location, and get notified on your mobile app whenever changes occur. Being on top of your project has never been easier.

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The one tool you always want to carry around

LetsBuild’s site follow-up solution is the one tool for all key on-site processes – pre-handover & handover, subcontractor management, quality control, health & safety and client communication. Don’t waste your time reading SMS, WhatsApp messages, or long email threads, or making tons of phone calls. With all communication, files and photos stored in one centralised hub, you save time and reduce stress.

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Work to the latest documents and drawings

With LetsBuild, as soon as a new drawing is uploaded, all relevant parties immediately have access to it. The built-in side-by-side drawing comparison makes it easier than ever to spot modifications. Errors and miscommunications are eliminated when everyone is working to the same drawings.

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The power of a real-time project plan

LetsBuild brings your 3-6 week plan to life, with continuous updates straight from the people doing the actual job on site. Workers can submit progress updates, report problems, upload photos, and communicate in one centralised solution. Capture the history of any particular task in the detailed audit trail, so you know exactly when and where something went wrong, and who was responsible.

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Always know where you are against the plan

LetsBuild’s direct connection between the workers on site and the project manager at the office enables the project plan to be updated in real time, and any new or completed activity on site reflects instantly on the overall status of the project.

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Make sure materials and teams arrive on site at the right time

Modern construction projects are complex, so delays and problems occur frequently. With LetsBuild, tasks are linked to each other – if a preceding task gets delayed, the following task gets automatically rescheduled, and the relevant parties are notified. So you know teams don’t turn up in vain and materials don’t get lost on site.

Features used

At Cit Blaton, we have used LetsBuild from the very beginning of all our projects to ensure a high level of QSE. From the Quality Control Plan to the collection of final handover remarks, including Health, Safety and Environment observations, LetsBuild has provided us with the ideal tool to professionalise our daily management of QSE aspects.

Rémy Robijns

Rémy Robijns

Head of Quality-Safety-Environment - CIT BLATON

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