Prevent mistakes & delays

See everything. Deliver sooner.
Get real-time updates straight from the site so that you can prevent mistakes and deal with evolving challenges more effectively.

Used as the single source of truth for thousands of projects around the world:

Keeping track of what is happening on construction sites is challenging if you don’t have the right tools to help you.

The result?

  • Information overload and excessive admin workload
  • Increased waiting time between tasks
  • Non-conformities are discovered during handovers
  • Never-ending disputes that put your project in danger

Thanks to LetsBuild, you can stay in the loop with everything happening on the field, so you don’t have to spend your time chasing your team or contractors on site. See more and prevent mistakes before they become a threat for your project.


Upgrade your quality management.

  • Capture snags while on site
  • Add photos for data-rich quality management
  • Track status on defects with deadlines
  • Conduct faster walkthroughs with snagging templates

Full visibility now.
Smooth handovers later.

  • Benefit from a shareable live view of the site
  • Detect and solve non-conformities as you go
  • Link your quality management to your project planning
  • Improve future processes with feedback from the field

Standardise site inspections.
Miss nothing.

  • Easy-to-use standardised inspection forms and checklists
  • Create templates for recurring tasks
  • Manage and review unlimited inspection reports
  • Benefit from consistency and repeatability

Reduce the admin burden.
Act faster.

  • Make whiteboard changes straight from the field
  • Avoid having to chase other people for information
  • Don’t spend time consolidating data from multiple sources
  • Build and share up-to-date reports in a few minutes

Track more.
Manage better.

  • Document everything and prevent claims
  • Check status versus deadlines with a few clicks
  • Use your resources smarter and avoid waste
  • View the data you want to see across projects

Connect multiple stakeholders with ease.

  • Define all your workflows in a single tool
  • Reduce errors through direct communication
  • Accelerate decision making thanks to real-time updates
  • Make weekly task lists for subcontractors

See everything our clients say about us.

Now office staff is made aware the instant an issue arises. This has meant less downtime and less costly mistakes. Unlike previous applications, site crews actually use LetsBuild without constant follow up, meaning that management always has an up-to-date view of each project.
Timothy Cocaro
Director, Rescon Builders
If anyone or any phase of the project is behind, everyone from the site manager, the project managers, myself and whoever the task has been allocated to, is aware of it. This enables us to take appropriate action immediately.
Rory Hart
Director, Hart Design & Construction
We are using LetsBuild to increase the quality of our projects. Adding the planning to the equation will be a major win for our teams and clients. LetsBuild will offer a great way to track consistently our project and ensure the best level of quality for our clients.
Stephane Caillaud
National Product Quality Director – Bouygues Immobilier

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