Protect against claims

See everything. Miss nothing.
Keep your project safe against commercial claims at all times by documenting everything in a single source of truth.

Used as the single source of truth for thousands of projects around the world:

In construction, documentation is key.

Many project and site managers spend a lot of time responding to claims that block their work and cost them thousands of Euros. The reason?

  • Lack of alignment between the site and the office
  • Information overflow that fuels admin workload
  • Absence of standardisation in QHSE processes

LetsBuild offers the site visibility you need in order to make or respond to claims with ease. Trace everything that takes place on the field, help your teams take ownership of their tasks and avoid interruptions that can increase the duration of your projects.


Record more.
Finish faster

  • Keep track of all changes at all times
  • Get a detailed audit trail of communication and actions
  • Connect checklists with scheduled tasks to ensure stage progress
  • Get reports and dashboards that are updated directly from the site

Spot, report, prevent, standardise.

  • Link HSE checks directly to the project plan
  • Deal with critical issues as they emerge
  • Use standardised templates to conduct site inspections
  • Improve your HSE processes using data from the site

Recover critical information quickly.

  • Document everything in a single source of truth
  • Find the right photo, message or email with a few clicks
  • Share reports with the client in seconds

Manage your handovers with ease.

  • Get full documentation at handover and avoid penalties
  • Solve non-conformities as you go and eliminate surprises
  • Set high quality and safety standards from the start

Break the admin circle.

  • Build clear and automated defect lists
  • Gain full data overview thanks to dashboards and automated reports
  • Record observations directly on your mobile for faster audits

See everything our clients say about us.

A real quality management tool for on-site follow-up that will increase the satisfaction of our customers and capitalise on progress achieved. The range of possibilities is unlimited.
Veronique Walle
Client experience manager, Bouygues Immobilier
“At Cit Blaton, we have used LetsBuild from the very beginning of all our projects to ensure a high level of QSE. From the Quality Control Plan to the collection of final handover remarks, including Health, Safety and Environment observations, LetsBuild has provided us with the ideal tool to professionalise our daily management of QSE aspects.”
Rémy Robijns
Head of Quality-Safety-Environment
We are using LetsBuild to increase the quality of our projects. Adding the planning to the equation will be a major win for our teams and clients. LetsBuild will offer a great way to track consistently our project and ensure the best level of quality for our clients.
Stephane Caillaud
National Product Quality Director – Bouygues Immobilier

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