Communicate effectively with project stakeholders

Facilitating communication between teams and types of collaborators on any construction project can be time-consuming and stressful. LetsBuild offers an easy-to-use solution.

Communication between site and office is crucial to project success. LetsBuild makes it happen.

With LetsBuild, stakeholders communicate and report on the same digital platform in real time, which greatly reduces errors and misunderstandings. Now, all your stakeholders can be on top of the project around the clock.

Avoid mistakes by improving your communication flows

When communication around the different processes on site is organised in well-defined workflows, supported by one single tool, it becomes much less error-prone and more transparent. So you can sleep better at night.

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Find what you are looking for in a centralised information hub, easily accessible

Scattered sources of information means having to spend a lot of time retyping notes, tasks and reports into emails and messages. When collaborators work on one single data platform, you save valuable time and avoid errors.

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Direct all project communications to the right people and teams

Set up communication flows in “channels” to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time. Avoid information overkill and ensure critical information gets to the right people on time, for greater peace of mind.

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mobile scheduling

Get real-time overview of project progress and communication related to the project plan

It can be difficult to find and gather all the data on activity progress, delays and problems when compiling information for different stakeholders. Real-time dashboards and task-based progress reporting provide a full overview, saving you time and effort.

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Save the time normally spent compiling data from many sources

Information can flow back and forth in many channels on a construction project; email, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Collecting scattered information takes time and is error-prone. With LetsBuild, all collaborators communicate on one platform.

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Stay on top of your project and secure documentation from site

It can be difficult to get an overview of the progress across activities on a project and to spot any potential problems. LetsBuild provides easy-to-read project overviews and photo documentation from site so you can keep track of things easily, and the audit trail ensures that you get full documentation of actions and messages.

Now office staff is made aware the instant an issue arises. This has meant less downtime and less costly mistakes. Unlike previous applications, site crews actually use LetsBuild without constant follow up, meaning that management always has an up-to-date view of each project.

timothy cocaro

Timothy Cocaro

Director, Rescon Builders

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