LetsBuild for Civil

See everything. Build better.
Get a live, complete view of your on-site progress so that you can manage your teams better, assure quality and keep your project well-protected against claims.

Used on site every day by civil contractors all around the world:
If you are building civil projects with characteristics including:​


repeatability within a project


checklists to fill per section


project size

LetsBuild is here to help you gain unique visibility of your sites, keep your teams connected and document everything so that you can reduce admin burden, improve profit and accelerate project delivery.


Trace everything.
Protect your projects.

  • Get full documentation at handover and avoid penalties
  • Quickly retrieve critical data and respond to claims within hours
  • Maintain a full audit trail of actions and communication

Set high quality standards and prevent mistakes.

  • Link quality and HSE checks directly to the plan
  • Keep complete track of all quality control records
  • Rely on automated and interactive quality and safety dashboards
  • Avoid overdue quality issues by assigning clear deadlines

Reduce admin burden.
Save time and standardise.

  • Leverage construction-specific tools to standardise your processes
  • Report and manage snags and quality defects digitally
  • Produce and share insightful reports and dashboards with ease
  • Connect the programme to the site in real time

Communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders.

  • Track the actual progress of teams on site in real time
  • Get notified about problems and questions in real time
  • Receive clear follow-up of tasks carried out by subcontractors
  • Collaborate in one single system, not by phone and email

One source of truth for all.

  • Get a full overview of status and resources across projects
  • Work as one team, with everyone facing in the same direction
  • Fewer errors, quicker turn-arounds and faster builds
  • Learn more and improve future processes and projects

Plan better and avoid delays.

  • Know what’s next and make the right decisions faster
  • See everything and manage your resources better
  • Bring updates from the field straight to the master plan

See everything our clients say about us.

We believe we can save 10-15 percent in production cost. There are many benefits in not having to have inventory on hand and not having those downtimes that we currently face.

Raúl Hernández

VP, Provivienda

We often had subcontractors arriving on site and not getting any work done because the previous tasks haven’t been completed. With LetsBuild, we have visibility of project progress. So if there is going to be a delay, we let them know a week beforehand.

Matt Ghinn

Project Director, VolkerFitzpatrick

The implementation of LetsBuild at Besix ensured a simple to follow process that gave us structure and peace of mind that we he have everything under control.

Jeroen Honig

Project Manager, Besix

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