LetsBuild for site managers

See everything. Improve teamwork.
LetsBuild makes it easier for site managers to connect seamlessly with the office and document everything by creating their site diary as they go.

Used on site every day by 1000s of site managers:

Site managers face constant pressure to be in control of all activities on site.

  • They are the juggler who makes sure all balls are in the air and none get dropped
  • They know how to deliver a project and liaise with multiple teams during the day
  • When something goes wrong, the first question that usually gets asked is “Whose fault is it”?
  • Where there is blame, fear follows and relationships weaken

LetsBuild provides the visibility and tools to bring your team together around a shared goal.


Get time on your side.

  • Create your site diary as you go, and save time writing daily reports
  • Use time proactively and focus on the work you enjoy
  • Get home sooner and enjoy a better work/life balance

Find peace of mind.

  • Work seamlessly with the office, and know you are doing a good job
  • Know the truth and record everything that happens on site
  • Track your progress with confidence and sleep easier at night

Work better together.

  • Work as one team, with everyone facing in the same direction
  • Know what’s done and what isn’t, and deal with evolving challenges
  • Avoid the blame game, improve site morale, and collaboration

See everything our clients say about us.

“We believe we can save 10-15 percent in production cost. There are many benefits in not having to have inventory on hand and not having those downtimes that we currently face.”
Raúl Hernández
VP, Provivienda
“We often had subcontractors arriving on site and not getting any work done because the previous tasks haven’t been completed. With LetsBuild, we have visibility of project progress. So if there is going to be a delay, we let them know a week beforehand.”
Matt Ghinn
Project Director
at VolkerFitzpatrick
“The implementation of LetsBuild at Besix ensured a simple to follow process that gave us structure and peace of mind that we he have everything under control.”
Jeroen Honig
Project Manager, Besix

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