LetsBuild for Residential

See everything. Deliver sooner.
Track progress, check quality against tasks in real time and connect multiple contractors and trades from one place so that you can make better decisions and reduce the duration of your projects.

Used on site everyday by residential developers and contractors all around the world:

If you are building residential projects with characteristics including:​


repeatability within a project


units within a project


project size

LetsBuild can help you gain full visibility, complete control and unique on-site insight over your repetitive processes setting high quality standards and streamline collaboration between teams to reduce errors.


See progress in real time.
Never miss a thing.

  • Get a shareable on-site live view of your project
  • Stay on track with each team’s progress at every stage
  • Know what’s done, what isn’t, and deal with evolving challenges

Leave no room for surprises during handovers.

  • Ensure homes are ready for handover on the promised date
  • Connect your quality management to your project planning
  • Keep customers updated on actual progress

Protect yourself against claims

  • Document everything in a single source of truth
  • Gain easy access to data for supporting or challenging claims
  • Make sure homes are built to the right quality
  • Get subcontractors to inform each other and reduce risks

See what’s next.
Stay on schedule.

  • Create your lookahead plans with confidence
  • Plan in detail and avoid unnecessary waste and inventory costs
  • Make better decisions faster and prevent downtime and delays
  • Link checklists to scheduled tasks to secure stage progress

Improve communication and regain control.

  • Have everyone communicating in one tool and improve teamwork
  • Replace your manual site diary with one that is done for you automatically
  • Ensure clear follow-up of tasks carried out by subcontractors

Escape the admin nightmare. Fuel repeatability.

  • Avoid information overkill by non-construction specific tools (WhatsApp, Excel)
  • Create reusable customer-facing reports with a few clicks
  • Improve efficiency with standardised site inspections
  • Introduce clear and automated defect lists

See everything our clients say about us.

Getting the right contractors on site is huge, because whenever the carpenter doesn’t show up, the next in line is going to be delayed as well… So by connecting them, which we have done with LetsBuild, they’re notifying each other: “Yes I’m done” or “I’m not done”. So at least I don’t need to drive to the building site and waste my time on it.
Morten Chrone
Group COO, HusCompagniet
“Before LetsBuild, it was taking us 330 days to construct a house. It was due to the downtime between activities. Now the same house is built in 60 days. The thing that changed it was a live programme that helped us avoid downtime between activities.”
Federico Salazar
CEO at Provivienda
“LetsBuild is the first application that our team finds useful for their work. They are able to keep track of their projects and keep real-time notes. In just a few clicks, they have updated the whole team.”
Timothy Cocaro
Director, Rescon Builders

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