Keep your project schedule updated

Keeping your project schedule up to date is difficult and time-consuming. LetsBuild brings updates from the field straight to the master plan.

Get a clear view of the status of each activity

With LetsBuild, information from site is carried directly into the 3-6 week plan, which in turn can be synced with the master plan, imported from your favourite planning tool. Maintaining an up-to-date master plan with LetsBuild is as easy as pushing a button.

Documentation for all completed tasks is always at your disposal

With LetsBuild, workers can attach photo documentation or points to drawings, directly from their mobile or tablet. These can then be transferred to the master plan, so the project planner or project manager can observe progress directly on site. In short, LetsBuild automates the documentation of plan activity.

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Find out where delays and problems occur

Getting insights and learnings from active construction projects is crucial to improving efficiency, optimising processes, and preventing waste. By linking points straight to the 3-6 week plan, you know exactly what is happening on site and where. So that you can report to management exactly how things are going.

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No need to chase people for status updates

Because the LetsBuild solutions are built to support the construction phase, workers can quickly and easily submit updates using the intuitive mobile app. The project plan is updated instantly to reflect changes, so that you always know what is happening on site, without having to chase others for updates.

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Say goodbye to outdated plans

With real-time updates straight from the field, your project plan always reflects reality. Connecting office to site is essential to collaboration and LetsBuild’s solutions are designed to help teams on and off the jobsite collaborate more efficiently.

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Get a real-time overview of all projects in your portfolio

LetsBuild can be scaled for any number of projects in your current portfolio. By collecting site data from all projects in one solution, you benefit from an accurate overview of the status across projects in one intuitive dashboard.

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Management will love you

It can take a lot of time to produce updates for management, and reports are outdated as soon as they are printed. LetsBuild allows you to generate instant reports and dashboards with a wide variety of metrics. And you can rest assured that the information you provide is up to date and accurate.

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Within the industry, the programme is king. If we don’t deliver on time, it’s going to cost us more money or certainly cost someone more money. So when using LetsBuild to provide that visibility up the chain, sales managers, senior managers can see what is going on the project.

Matt Ghinn

Project director - VolkerFitzpatrick

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