LetsBuild for Commercial

See everything. Finish faster.
Know exactly what is happening on site and where so that you can prevent loss of time, detect mistakes early and deliver successful projects faster without compromising quality.

Used as the single source of truth for thousands of projects around the world:

If you are building civil projects with characteristics including:


repeatability within a project


claims to process for each project


project size

LetsBuild gives you a clear view of the status of each activity in real time and enables you to plan your next steps with confidence. Your teams communicate with each other and with the office in one application so you save time, make better decisions faster and get your projects finished sooner.


Eyes on the site at all times.

  • Collect all key data on a single source of truth
  • Link all updates to your planning and never miss a thing
  • Track constant change, diversions and movements

Protect yourself against claims.

  • Get a complete audit trail of all actions and communication
  • Recover critical information with a few clicks
  • View subcontractor performance and task progress

Cut down on your admin workload.

  • Make and update your lookahead planning live, in real time
  • Introduce clear and automated defect lists
  • Track and resolve all inspection items digitally
  • Generate automated reports after each site visit

Get answers instantly. Save time.

  • Enable teams to communicate better and prevent delays
  • Annotate remarks to subcontractors directly from the field
  • Send and receive questions directly linked to scheduled tasks

Schedule, assign, manage better.

  • Create your 3-6 week plan in a Gantt chart and assign tasks
  • Get progress reports directly from workers via the app
  • Quickly see which projects are unraveling and take action
  • Keep customers updated on actual progress

Observe, correct, standardise.

  • Find mistakes early and ensure timely handovers
  • Improve efficiency with standardised site inspections
  • Create reusable project templates and save time and effort
  • Generate dashboards in seconds

See everything our clients say about us.

We looked at a number of different solutions but ended up choosing LetsBuild, as it is an incredibly easy and simple tool to use, even during the learning phase.
Tommy Lindquist
Managing Director, Høyrup & Clemmensen
With LetsBuild, you get an overview of the project at the office, instead of you going out to inspect every single activity that is going on, which takes a lot of time. From where I sit, I can estimate when a specific task needs to be done, I can adapt the plan accordingly, and every worker has an updated version
Shoukat Naeimi
Project Manager, Hoffmann
Managing my 3-6 week planning has become “child’s play” because all my key activities are gathered in one tool.
Guillaume Vanderhauwart
Site manager, Willemen

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