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LetsBuild brings visibility, complete control, and unique insight into what is happening on site so that you can make better decisions faster and increase your profitability.

Used as the single source of truth for thousands of projects around the world:

In construction, visibility is everything. Without a clear and complete view of your on-site progress, things can quickly get out of hand

LetsBuild functions as the direct link between office and site, helping you control your projects across locations, teams, and time.

  • Thin margins and high penalties
  • Slow decision making due to information overkill
  • Inability to improve processes and standardise
  • Poor management of resources due to miscommunication


Bring your plan to life.

  • Enjoy an up-to-date overview of project and team performance
  • Identify problems and ask questions quickly and efficiently
  • Avoid interruptions and deliver sooner
  • Ensure a continuous flow of information, updates and reports

Get the whole picture.
Maximise your investment.

  • Finish your projects faster and improve your margins
  • Miss nothing with actionable reports and insights
  • Prioritise correctly and keep everyone connected
  • Save time and resources by fueling repeatability

Standardise your projects.
Get full control

  • Improve your processes and introduce accurate KPIs
  • Standardise repetitive processes and get everyone working together
  • Minimise risk and overcome commercial challenges
  • Plan ahead and cut down waste

A single source of truth for your entire portfolio.

  • Connect all project data in a single data source
  • View tasks and milestones across all your projects
  • Easily track problems and which teams are experiencing delays
  • Get the job done with powerful integrations

See everything our clients say about us.

“We believe we can save 10-15 percent in production cost. There are many benefits in not having to have inventory on hand and not having those downtimes that we currently face.”
Raúl Hernández
VP, Provivienda
“We often had subcontractors arriving on site and not getting any work done because the previous tasks haven’t been completed. With LetsBuild, we have visibility of project progress. So if there is going to be a delay, we let them know a week beforehand.”
Matt Ghinn
Project Director
at VolkerFitzpatrick
“The implementation of LetsBuild at Besix ensured a simple to follow process that gave us structure and peace of mind that we he have everything under control.”
Jeroen Honig
Project Manager, Besix

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