Why digital construction software is the right tool for collaboration and construction management

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Digital construction software is changing how companies operate and improving their productivity in the field and in the office. The construction industry is notorious for being slow to adopt new technologies, but failure to digitise your processes in today’s landscape isn’t an option.

Companies that wait too long to implement construction management software risk falling behind, which isn’t surprising when you think about all of the benefits it brings to you and your team.

Let’s explore those benefits and how you can bring them to your organisation.

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1. Improve communication and collaboration with a digital construction site diary

The key to efficient communication and collaboration between construction teams is storing all relevant data about a project in a single place. And the best way to do that is with a digital site diary.

While keeping a daily log comes with a variety of on- and off-site benefits, one of the most significant is giving you and your team access to a single source of truth. This single source of truth fosters a more collaborative environment by bringing together stakeholders from all corners of the project.

With a digital site diary, contractors and subs can submit site photos, documentation, forms, and reports from the field, allowing project managers and other key stakeholders to stay up to date from anywhere, whether they’re on site, in the office, or on the road.

Consider implementing a site diary to collect project data on a single platform so your team knows what tasks need their attention most.

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2. Stay on budget and minimise rework through digitalisation

What’s the main outcome you want from your construction projects? High build quality, satisfied clients, and timely completion are all great—but it ultimately comes down to making a profit. And to make that profit, you have to stick to a strict budget.

Staying on budget is one of the largest challenges most construction companies face: Less than a third of global projects stay within 10% of their budget.

Luckily, implementing digital construction software that utilises building information modelling (BIM) can help with your team’s financial management.

The digital models you can create with BIM software can help with collaboration between contractors and designers, making it easier to make changes early on in the process to eliminate the need for rework later.

Digital solutions like LB Aproplan can help your team stay on budget by helping you capture site issues immediately and overhaul your collaboration efforts with mobile site inspection, defect management tools, and more.

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Construction defect management | LetsBuild3. Finish projects faster using lean digital construction software

Speaking of staying on budget, can you guess what the number-one influencing factor is that prevents construction companies from delivering on time and on budget? If you said planning and scheduling, you hit the nail on the head!

If you optimise your master plan and construction schedule from the get-go, you not only have a better chance of sticking to your budget, but you also get the benefit of finishing on time. That’s where lean construction practices come in.

Lean digital construction software like LB Coordination helps you finish projects before the deadline hits by breaking down your scheduling and data silos. So stop relying on disconnected spreadsheets and physical records—instead, start working lean to stop losing quality build time, money, and sleep over inefficient processes.

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4. Increase project productivity by implementing digital solutions

There’s a problem with productivity in construction, a problem resulting from many small issues—many of which you can solve with digital construction software.

Low productivity leads to missed deadlines, which lead to construction disputes, cost overruns, and a noticeably lower profit margin on your projects. So what’s the best way to maintain a high level of productivity on and off site? Keeping every stakeholder on the same page.

Communication plays a significant role in productivity, too. If you can eliminate misunderstandings due to poor collaboration tools, your productivity will soar.

With LB Geniebelt, you can increase on-site and off-site productivity by keeping your crews up to date from anywhere, facilitating two-way conversations, eliminating scattered emails and messages, and reducing your administrative burden.

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Boost your profitability with the right digital construction software

Improved communication, collaboration, financial management, planning, scheduling, and productivity all lead to higher profitability and growth for construction companies. You can’t ignore digital construction software and the widespread benefits that it can bring to you and your team.

And in an industry where companies are slow to adopt new technology, the sooner you digitise, the sooner you can start pulling ahead of the competition.

So don’t get left behind by companies that are using digital solutions to bring more value to their clients – see our construction site management apps in action and bring the benefits of digitalisation to your organisation today.