LB Geniebelt

Go the extra mile
in your milestones

Are you a volume housebuilder or general contractor working on repetitive housebuilding projects?

Share team progress in real-time and optimise effort across your portfolio. No more double bookings and missed deadlines from outdated Excel or MS Project schedules – with LB Geniebelt.

Federico Salazar

CEO at Provivienda

“Before LetsBuild, it was taking us 330 days to construct a house. It was due to the downtime between activities. Now the same house is built in 60 days. The thing that changed it was a live programme that helped us avoid downtime between activities.”

Jimmi Grouleff Idealhuse
Jimmi Grouleff


With just a few clicks, I can learn the current state of my projects. I can see where we are having problems and which contractors are experiencing delays. This kind of knowledge, which is difficult to get, is indispensable as it helps us evaluate and improve our approach to work.


Share progress with transparency

Running into roadblocks with your subbies and projects?

  • Be on the same page with a dynamic cloud solution.
  • Don’t go in blind. Get all eyes on- and off-site.
  • Equip crews with real-time visuals for site progress reporting.
  • Be agile with the last schedule.
  • Run the show as one sound the alarm for show-stoppers.


Mitigate risks in action

Tired of guessing the impact of resource delays, late deliverables and scope creep on site?

  • Fail to plan , plan to fail. Break down your baseline and dependencies. Pinpoint which subbies drag the build sequence in your 6-week timeline.
  • Stagger overloads when you need to fast-track, and bulk-tag crews in cross projects overview.
  • Level every resources on risks with request updates and sign-offs.
  • Live Gantt, on roster demand, without fiction.


Manage repetitive projects

Wasting a lot of time with repeat processes on volume builder projects?

  • Rollover your existing data on repetitive projects and adapt them with new start dates and incoming milestones.
  • Filter views and switch easily between design, construction, fabrication and handover phases for improved project lifecycle reporting.
  • Power-up your KPIs with data-rich insights on global dashboards.
  • Avoid double booked and missed deadlines. Get a bird’s-eye view your portfolio feature to map out your projects and resources – all at once.

Go the extra mile in your milestones with LB Geniebelt

Are you a general or specialist contractor working on residential, commercial or infrastructure projects?


Lightning fast iteration, zero delays

Falling into the cascade trap with outdated information and falling to deliver the project on time?

  • Shift the speed of reaction with text-based conversations on live Gantt and build blocks of success in a two-way flow.
  • Say goodbye to scattered emails, phonecalls and WhatsApp groups. Keep your crews up to speed, on- and off-line, in one app.
  • Catapult to peak productivity when you batch email by site issue, comments, daily summaries and next-week tasks.
  • Scope to kill time-suckers, deliver right on the clock and save up to 50% admin time – all without lengthy meetings.


One-click field reporting

Fed up of track records that never hold up at the other end of the bargain and eat away at your profit margins?

  • Drill down, search and filter on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Get a real-time snapshot of project health and track every spend with weekly progress reports.
  • Match percentage completion on P6 with CSV exports, or share PDFs and get buy-ins when you mark-up large-scale builds.
  • Keep a log of critical events for your first line of legal defense. Your audit trail in a site-office loop – signed, sealed, delivered.


A real-time planning companion

Got zero time for an overhaul and need to quick start directly from Excel, MS Project, P6 or PowerProject?

  • Think “masterplan co-pilot”, up in the cloud.
  • Stack on top of your data with ease, and close the project lifecycle loop better with live field feedbacks.
  • Scope out milestones from top-down to bottom-up and hatch non-working days visually.
  • Trailblaze against risks with powered archives and forecasts if your schedule trails behind.

Current integrations

Primavera P6Scheduling
MS ProjectProject management
CSVText file format
PowerprojectProject management

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