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A mission to change the old pen and paper ways of the construction industry. We are working to bring modern technologies to construction in a no-nonsense, simple and easy-to-use way.

LetsBuild, the future of construction

Construction is one of the biggest sectors in the world in terms of value, but maybe even bigger in terms of its impact on our lives. We live and work in buildings, we travel to work or on holiday using infrastructure, we are surrounded by the output of this industry.

But construction is also in trouble, haunted by cost and time overruns and poor quality; challenges that can be addressed today with modern technologies based on mobile and cloud, together with a better understanding of the benefits of data insight and decision making.

Someone needs to bring a new and innovative solution to construction, to connect workers on site with people at the office and to all machines and sensors to create one big operating system that runs smoothly and transparently.

That “someone” is LetsBuild.

The founders and partners of LetsBuild are passionate about helping construction to become better, cleaner and more efficient. We want to build a great company, to help construction to digitalise and become Connected Construction. We hope you will join us as colleague, user, customer or maybe as a partner.

We are LetsBuild.

LetsBuild was formed by the merger of APROPLAN and GenieBelt at the start of 2019. You can read more about the merger here.

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