LB Coordination

Line up your teams
for the next build

Are you a site manager or supervisor working on a multi-storey residential project?

Coordinate trades and deliver leaner multi-storey projects, without the error-prone hassle of managing disconnected Excel sheets and physical whiteboards – with LB Coordination.


Measure your project performance

Struggling to pivot your site from initial targets and change controls, without stretching the time to deliver?

  • Visualise planned vs. actual work to highlight non- working gaps.
  • Go global and local in one timeline, without the all- around curveballs.
  • Start and finish on time with your schedule, push and pull your cost drivers, and match the right subs to the right tasks, at the right time.
  • Earn your points, and earn the value in your construction management.


Break down schedules and silos

Hard to switch gears and keep track of your subs – where and when they need to be?

  • Keep subs focused and uninterrupted with parallel Lines of Balance.
  • Block out repetitive work in multi-storey builds by trade, location, project and time.
  • Fill in the gaps on delayed projects with idle crews, or trim and float resources where buffers or hard stops make sense.

Line up your forces to the next build with
with LB Coordination

Are you a general or specialist contractor working on residential, commercial or infrastructure projects?


Work lean in zones

Challenging to work in parallel and interface with other trades?

  • Build lean on your build sequence.
  • Set up blockwork for setting-in of MEP fixtures with swimlane views, and batch subtasks in volumetric projects to skyrocket your productivity.
  • Start your crews on site when and where they can, cover your bases and overlap safely in zones, then hand over to the next trade.
  • Get the ball rolling and pass the ball in court – all for zero waste and 10 to 20% build time.


Sync teams on the cloud

Losing build time, money and sleep over creating progress reports and dumping duplicates?

  • Supercharge hour-long daily chores into one-touch turbo reports straight from field to office, so your crews can recharge at the end of the day.
  • Filter deliverables by trade packages and locations – on the go, in the cloud, 24/7 real-time access, with zero downtime and backlog.
  • Get in sync and in the zone as you deliver on spec, on time and on budget.


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