10 Common Misconceptions About Lean Construction

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  1. Despite the complicated, academic name, Lean Construction isn’t complicated.
  2. To us builders it will be fairly simple to implement.
  3. The ones who will find it difficult are the ones we would expect to find it easy; architects. They will have to ensure that their design concept incorporates both economic buildability plus functionality from the end users point of view.
  4. Lean construction will not add to our overheads or build costs.
  5. Lean construction does not mean that we only order materials in the quantities that we think will be used. It means that we have to order with realistic additions for waste and some items stored for future maintenance purposes by the end user.
  6. Lean construction will not, unfortunately, reduce our tender costs. They will still be horrendous.
  7. It does not mean that we shall all think less; we shall have to think more, particularly about our Detailed Programmes to Completion.
  8. Because the methodology will accelerate the build process, this is not an easy way out for all the clients’ consultants. In fact, they will have to come back very quickly with answers to any RFI’s or face the costs of any Delay as a consequence of the greater attention being paid to progress.
  9. This will not be an easy way out for site management. They will have to be very much on the ball with their forward ordering of materials and Labour and make sure that nothing on the Critical Path slips behind programme.
  10. Lean construction is not just something for the young graduate site managers; it is something that the experienced old-timers do through common sense and experience in any case.

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