Connecting teams with the ‘WhatsApp’ for construction

From end to end, LetsBuild supports the construction phase. Site teams collaborate efficiently with clear communication and clear processes. Real-time information is shared seamlessly between site and office.

Connect all your key construction processes and build better, faster, cheaper


Keep your project schedule updated in real time.


Communicate effectively with all project stakeholders.


Make sure you comply with standards and regulations.


Get up-to-date, quality data for better reporting.

We empower construction professionals to work smarter and achieve more

Connect people for better collaboration

LetsBuild is a unique end-to-end digital solution for your construction phase, ensuring teams are in sync, the schedule is up-to-date, and productivity is maximised.

Simple to use and adopt

LetsBuild’s solutions were built with the user in mind. Simplicity and efficiency is what drives our product development so you can rest assured you won’t need an engineering background to use our software.

Transforming an industry

We strongly believe construction needs to change. This is why LetsBuild enables construction professionals at all levels to work together efficiently, with full accountability and easy communication.

Enterprise ready

We are measured by the success of our customers. At LetsBuild, we work continuously with industry leaders to help transform and implement processes that bring success.

Trusted by industry leaders

Thousands of construction companies of all sizes and trades improve daily collaboration and make smarter decisions

LetsBuild saves us time because it automatically generates reports for the information that is in the system. So we have definitely seen the benefit and it means that people have more time to get an idea of what their job is and deliver safety on site.

Matt Ghinn

Project director - VolkerFitzpatrick

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