Keep your site diary on the go

Save up to 1 hour per day on admin work

Fill your daily report as you go on-site with LB Site Diary. Avoid admin work back at the office with unsuited documents and simplify paperwork.

Secure proof of work

LB Site Diary allows you to keep a secure and structured log of decisions/events that are easy to refind and act as proof in case of disputes.

Keep everyone updated with 1-click

LB Site Diary allows you to generate and share 1-click customisable reports that look like they came from a dedicated designer.

Ideal for every construction project

Every construction project can benefit from keeping daily logs and worksite progress in a single place, simply on a mobile app.

Built for construction

We love construction and we want to make it better. We empower industry professionals to build better, faster and smarter using the right tools for the job.

Simple to use and adopt

LB Site is built with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Focus on getting the job done, not on managing tools. We guarantee that the transition from your current daily report-keeping will be effortless.


Track site activities on the go

Wasting build time to-and-from the office for manual data when you need to pour concrete on site?

  • Record critical events directly on site, on the go
  • Switch hour-long office reports into real-time field insights with zero delays
  • Stop scratching your head, starting from scratch everyday
  • Pick up the slack away from duplicates, and pick up where you left off with last-visit reports

Secure proof of work

  • Record and keep daily site activities in a structured way
  • Protect yourself from stop work orders and liquidated damages when clients claim breach of contract with QHSE issues
  • Maintain accurate, official weather data for each project location
  • Control your locus of control, and back up claims against project delays showing force majeure on geo-location weather update

1-click fully tailored reports to your strategies

Challenging to find a simple and customisable app without learning the ropes from scratch?

  • Load and configure your favorite templates with labour, material and equipment data tied to your trade packages
  • Share your reports easily directly from the app
  • Feed the app with your custom field data from material handling, workforce and logistics
  • Put the finishing touch on your brand DNA with custom logo and colours

Stay on track in the field with track records with LB Site Diary

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