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The technology should be our servant. I am saying this because I see more and more managers expecting the technology to do the thinking part. Robots will come in the future for sure. But until then, we should use the technology to empower our everyday work and communication. In other words, the better usage of the technology is based on how skillful and smart we are. A client of ours shared that he was using psychological and behavioural (influence) principles as add-ons to his quality communication and construction management style. If you’re on a look-out for a personal self-improvement and better usage of the modern technology, read on:


As people we are mathematicians. If we give 1, we expect 1 in return (at least). The reverse is also true. When someone does something for us, we aim to return the favour. It is almost like an invisible force that obliges us to pay some sort of debt. Start using this today by focusing on what you can do to help your colleagues achieve their goals or solve their problems before you need anything in return. The strategy here is Give, Give, Give…then ask.

Commitment (and Consistency)

The man who came up with these principles, Mr Cialdini says that we have a deep desire to be consistent. This means that… when we show commitment to something, we’re more inclined to go through with it. For example, if someone comes up to you with an idea for solving a problem (and you are involved in the brainstorming)…when she presents it as a solution after few weeks, you are more inclined to support that solution. In his book, Cialdini gives many examples of using this principle. The main takeaway here is this: When you want to influence someone, involve her in smaller tasks/activities before presenting the major deal/solution/problem/activity.

Social Proof

This principle relies on taking advantage of people’s indecisiveness. For example, when we go to dine somewhere and there are two restaurants, we will go into the one that has more people sitting at the tables. To use this, next time you are in a meeting, showcase how many people will be affected around achieving a certain goal. If you are struggling with introducing a major communication change in your workflow, because your team is reluctant to change…build a visual case on how other companies are doing the same thing and achieving results.

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Cialdini says that we’re more likely to be influenced by people we like. Likeability can rely on different things. Physical similarity, supporting the same football club, both interested in yoga, healthy living… and so on. You can use this in multiple ways. For example, when you should influence someone that you don’t know, what if you can first connect with his/her direct peers and get their trust. They can open the door later. The best way to be likeable is to help people. Period.


Authority can be earned or received with a certain title. When you see a policeman, you comply with the authority that is coming with the uniform/profession. Job titles, uniforms, and even accessories like cars or gadgets can lend an air of authority and can persuade us to accept what these people say.


Diamonds are so expensive since their availability is limited. Also, we want something more if we are in a position to lose it. Think about how you can share your ideas or things that need to happen in an urgent manner. People need urgency to break from the comfort zone. Every time you need to trigger action among your team, think about what urgency and scarcity you can attach to it.

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