5 Ways To Become A Modern and Trustworthy Leader of Your Team

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How many times have you been in a situation to face 15 people staring at you and with their eyes saying: “Please tell us where we go from here?”. It can be a great moment if the project is going well, but it can be a devastating feeling if there is a crisis and you should “pull the trigger” or turn the wheel. What should you possess as a skill or a behavior characteristics in order to handle this? Since we are all in a position to be looked as a leader during the day, let me share with you what I have found and started using. Here are the 5 ways to become a great role model for your team:

Show them, don’t just tell them

I am pretty sure that you, as a project manager, would like to see certain qualities and values embraced among your team members. That’s all great, but make sure to SHOW them how it’s done. Be the person that will have a “pig-headed” discipline to stay in the loop and walk the talk.

Care for them

Respect and empathy are the things you need to practice every time you are in a position to communicate with one or more of your team members. Also, do it in a way that shows them that they should feel it and practice it even when no one is looking. Bottom line, people follow and accept advice/directions/suggestions from someone that cares about them.

Show up

The one thing that proves that you are the leader of the pack is that you are there between them when things happen. Don’t put guards between you and your people. Show up and do what you need to do in order to enable them and serve them from a position of power and resourcefulness.

Constantly Raise The Bar

As a leader, you are constantly on the lookout for how to find a shortcut to the desired outcome, without compromising the standards. Instead, you are pushing the standards higher and ask for more. You have this focus even when there is a lot of pressure on your shoulders for changing technology, strategy, milestones or members of the team.

Empower And Be Empowered

A good leader can also act as a person that empower others to make decisions and take initiatives. You want your team to be independent when it comes to execution and moving things forward. Of course, you will be in a position to take most of the major decision under your belt, but your people should be empowered to actively use their best judgment.
How do you ensure great leadership in your company or team? You might want to improve your team management skills and maybe continue learning more about how to improve team work in the construction site. For overall improvement in construction site productivity, an ebook is linked for free downloading. 

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