Where to find commercial construction leads

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Want to find more commercial project leads, discover better jobs to bid on, and land those big contracts? If you’re looking for where to find commercial construction leads, you’re in the right place. We’ll provide you with the resources you need to take a more active approach to grow your construction business and get consistent leads.

The best places to find commercial construction project leads

We’ll discuss the best websites and bidding platforms where you can find commercial construction leads in 2022.

1. Take advantage of these websites to find commercial construction leads

Finding commercial contractor leads isn’t always easy, but there are some websites you can use to your advantage.

Your target clients should be able to find you in the places they go to look for reviews, ideas, and expertise. Word of mouth is a tried-and-true method of finding commercial construction leads, and you can use these sites to help spread the word about your construction or contracting company:

  • BuildZoom: This commercial construction lead generation company helps you find leads and acts as the middleman between you and those leads. You don’t have to pay to generate leads, but you will have to pay a referral fee to BuildZoom if you get hired by a lead generated on the platform.
  • Thumbtack: Another commercial contractor lead generation platform, Thumbtack helps connect you with potential clients. You only pay if a lead gets in touch with you through the website, and you can also advertise on the platform to increase your visibility and, ultimately, the number of leads you generate.
  • Dodge: Dodge Construction Network’s lead generation tool is one of the industry’s most trusted. Construction companies and contractors can use the platform to network with the top players, find the right projects, and close more deals. You’ll find thousands of commercial construction leads on Dodge, whether small or large or public or private.
  • LinkedIn: Networking is a great way to find commercial construction leads, and LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to get in touch with other construction professionals and potential clients. With over 58 million companies and 830 million users, LinkedIn is arguably the best free place to find commercial construction leads.
  • Google My Business: Creating a Google Business Profile is simple and costs you nothing. While having this profile won’t generate leads by itself, it can help people looking for commercial construction contractors find you, and because it’s 100% free, we believe it’s worth mentioning.

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2. Use these bidding platforms to find commercial construction leads

Bidding platforms are a great place to find commercial construction leads for companies, general contractors, and subcontractors. However, with so many bidding sites out there, it’s challenging to find the ones with the best projects—we’ve gathered the top five where you can find the best commercial construction leads.

  • BidClerk: One of the top platforms where you can find commercial construction leads is BidClerk. Construction companies and contractors can access commercial bids throughout the US and Canada, and with hundreds of thousands of listed projects, it’s not hard to find a great lead. BidClerk is free to try, and plan pricing varies depending on your market area.
  • ConstructionWire: Another popular place to find commercial construction leads, ConstructionWire offers construction companies and contractors a wide range of projects and all of the information you could want about them. They currently have over 500,000 commercial construction projects listed all across the US. Construction professionals can try this platform free for seven days, and the company offers various monthly subscriptions.
  • Building Radar: For construction companies and general contractors operating outside of the US, you won’t find a bidding platform with a wider reach than Building Radar. You can find commercial construction leads all over the world, from North and South America to Asia and Europe. The company prices its services individually to construction professionals, depending on their preferences and needs for finding commercial leads.
  • CMD Group: Construction professionals looking for where to find commercial construction leads in Canada and the US can enjoy various resources from CMD Group. The platform researches and tracks commercial projects from beginning to end and even sources architects, engineers, and manufacturers in addition to construction contractors. Prices per plan vary, but CMD provides hundreds of thousands of civil and commercial construction projects all over Canada and the US.
  • BidCentral: Canada’s top bidding platform, BidCentral, is one of the top places where you can find commercial construction leads. With over 10,000 members, it’s a one-stop shop for construction professionals looking for projects. The company offers free accounts that you can use to find commercial construction projects, but the functionalities are limited. To view and find the best commercial construction leads, BidCentral offers monthly and yearly plans for $79 and $875, respectively.

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Go get those leads!

Learning where to find commercial construction leads is essential for professionals throughout the industry, whether you’re just starting out or running an established construction company.

Take advantage of the 10 websites and bidding platforms listed above, and you’ll be on your way to getting more leads and landing better contracts. Learn more about where to find commercial construction leads and grow your construction business with our free resources, including webinars, ebooks, and articles.