3 Reasons Why You Need a vPMO

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If you have a traditional project management office (PMO), you are pretty much sold on the idea of having a department that takes care of the project management environment in your company. If not, you should read this until the end and discover why you need one. I want to talk with you today about the importance of having an “air support” when it comes to managing your construction projects.
With the technology advancements in this day and age, you can “lift” many of your operations and offices in the cloud, making them available 24/7. A cloud-based PMO is doing exactly that. Using software and hardware to make your PM office function 24/7, be present and serve your people wherever they are. Before I tell you how you can do this, let’s go over the 3 main reasons why you need a virtual PMO (vPMO).

Consistent, Fast and Real-Time Collaborative Work

The speed of execution/delivery is one of the best features a construction company can offer. Often, this promise can lead to a lot of errors and problems. This is because the changes in information and documentation would not be available to the right people at the right time. Another element is the unification of processes. Every department has it’s own subculture and “way” of doing things. Having a virtual PM office can really help you manage and improve every aspect of executing and leading the workflow.

Perpetual Improvement and Scale

A traditional/standard PMO is always on the lookout for new and better ways for higher quality in the execution. With virtual PMO you can automate a pretty much everything when it comes to collecting data since every activity within the PM software will leave a footprint. Monitoring all of that in real-time can lead to spotting good or bad practice and act accordingly. When you adopt new practice you can easily influence everyone at once to start using it and also empower/enable them technically to do so.

Decrease Cost = Profit

Getting more construction projects or raising your price can (sometimes) lead to higher profit. But, when you optimize your workflow, centralize processes and replace physical establishments with virtual the cost is decreasing which means pure profit. What’s priceless here is how everyone in your company get along better and works faster.

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