8 construction site safety tips you need to know

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Construction safety tips

Every day, at least one construction worker is injured on the job, somewhere in the world. It is a dangerous profession, but not so dangerous that everyone should wonder if any part of it is safe.

There are plenty of guidelines and regulations that need to be followed on construction sites, and almost all of them pertain to the safety of the people who work there.

Here are 8 construction site safety tips:

1. Use caution when climbing on and off equipment

Falls when climbing on and off equipment is common, as is someone getting injured because they got stuck in the process.
It is recommended that construction workers make sure all the mud is cleaned off their boots prior to making a climb and that they are wearing gloves to ensure that they have a decent grip when they grab on.

A three-point stance is also necessary, as it prevents a person from losing their footing at any time.  No one should stretch more than they should to grab onto the handles, nor should anyone carry anything as they are getting up or down.
It is also important to never jump down from a machine, as they is when the most accidents happen.

2. Stay away from operating machinery

It is common for workers who are waiting for the next step of their job to simply congregate in one area and patiently watch as someone else is doing their job. This is normally not an issue except when those people are standing too close to operating machinery.

Most of the time nothing will happen, but accidents usually do not announce themselves first, so workers should stay away out of extreme caution.

3. Use caution around fall hazards

Every construction site has fall hazards and it is the worker’s job to be aware of what they all are.  Safety systems should be in place in those areas to prevent falls from occurring if possible or at least preventing them from being fatal.

A couple of safety systems that every site should have includes guardrails, safety nets, safety cords, and personal fall arrest systems.

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4. Use the proper ladder height

Some construction workers will try to get away with using a shorter ladder than they should, simply because a taller one is not available, or they do not want to walk to get a different one. This should be avoided if possible because a lot of accidents happen on ladders that are not long enough for the job.

Every time a construction worker stretches past the point that they should on the ladder they are using, they take the chance that they will fall off the ladder or the ladder will tip over and take them with it.

5. Keep an updated first aid kit

That first aid kit from five years ago is going to contain medication that is outdated and band-aids that are most likely past their sticky stage.

No one knows what type of accident that they will face on a construction site each day, which is why everyone should be prepared with an updated first aid kit.

This kit should include disinfectant, ointment, painkillers, and bandages and gauze of all sizes.

6. Never use damaged equipment

When there is work that needs to be done, some construction workers will simply use what they have available even if that item is damaged.

This is never a good idea, as that damaged piece of equipment can cause a lot of trouble and injuries. Some damaged parts can include a worn-out cable, worn-out cords, and a worn-out harness.

7. Never unplug a tool by the cord

At the end of a long day or after a long tedious project, many construction workers may be tempted to unplug the cord of the tool they are using by simply giving it a good yank.

This motion can damage the tool over time, but it can also cause injury to a person.

It is better to take the two extra seconds to go over and pull the plug out of the outlet because those two seconds can mean the difference between life and death on occasion.

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8. Be aware of surroundings at all times

Construction job sites are busy places, which is why workers will want to be aware of their surroundings at all times. No one thinks that something bad is going to happen to them as they are simply sitting there taking a break, but one second of unawareness can lead to a person getting hit on the head by a falling object or getting run over by a piece of machinery.


These basic safety tips are designed to keep everyone safe on the construction site. While many of them are common-sense things, they are still overlooked numerous times a day around the world.

The one thing that every construction worker needs to remember is that accidents happen and everything that they do when they are on the job can be potentially hazardous in one way or another. Therefore, they need to be cautious every minute of the day, so that they can leave and go home the way that they came.


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