Digital meeting minutes

Stop wasting everyone’s time. Plan and run your meetings efficiently with full documentation and real-time updates.

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Save time and get better results with more effective meetings

Make your meetings smarter and optimise your entire meeting process with better preparation, informed decision making, and structured documentation.

  • Collaborative meeting preparation
  • Take attendance and assign tasks & notes
  • Keep a digital record of your meetings
  • Generate meeting reports
  • Dedicated communication channels

Collaborative meeting preparation

Upload your meeting agenda and documents to LetsBuild and send them to all meeting participants for better preparation and a more logical meeting flow. With LetsBuild, collaboration between office and site happens in real time.

Generate meeting reports

Easily create meeting reports from your meeting minutes and send them to attendees with the LetsBuild meeting management tool.

Organise different meetings with dedicated communication channels

Stay organised even across multiple meetings with dedicated communication channels. Manage multiple meetings across different teams and stakeholders. Changes in meeting documents are made in real time so that all information is continuously kept up to date with real-time notifications sent to affected parties as changes occur.

Keep a digital record of your meetings

LetsBuild keeps a digital record all of your project meetings. With digital records, every meeting can be archived with all required meeting details including dates, deadlines and persons-in-charge for future reference.

Take attendance and assign tasks & notes

Document your meeting’s attendance details directly in LetsBuild and notify those missing in real time. Tasks can be directly entered and assigned to a participant while due dates can be added and checked off as completed when tasks are done. You can also add comments directly to the ongoing meeting documents or your own assigned tasks. Notes and decisions can be added during the meeting for clarity and transparency.

A real quality management tool for on-site follow-up that will increase the satisfaction of our customers and capitalise on progress achieved. The range of possibilities is unlimited.
Veronique Walle
Client experience manager, Bouygues Immobilier

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