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For many years, Advisers has been developing a large array of complementary solutions for engineering services. Advisers assists project managers in each of the decisive stages of their tasks. Based on their expertise acquired on private and public markets, Advisers guarantee a total control of all the processes as well as optimal support and advice for their clients, respecting the costs and in compliance with the deadlines and the regulations in effect.
Advisers plays a role of guide and expert for the project manager and the architect. They accompany them through a global process based on the “Pareto law” in the calculation of costs, the compliance with the technical processes and they offer professional and rigorous methods with a high added value.

The complementary and highly qualified profiles of their experts coming from the construction business and from research offices, confer a high technicality to the solutions they bring to their clients.
Their projects include: Brussels Airport Plaza, Nespresso Brussels, the NATO HQ, Résidence Palace, Orée Gardens, AXA Belgium, the Golf de l’Empereur, BNP Royale, Oude Burg, …


The Orée Gardens project consists of 44 high-standing apartments located in Woluwé, which were built on the site of an old retirement house near the Royal Orée THB.

The facility is ideally located in a calm neighborhood in Woluwé, in the vicinity of green spaces (Sonian Forest) as well as of a major road (Tervuren Avenue), which allows the residents to go in and out of the city easily.

The project has been divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Guiding the purchasers through the choice of the finishings.
  • Phase 2: Tracking and coordination of the different contractors for the good execution of works.
  • Phase 3: Reception of work.

Problems Encountered

  • The important flow of e-mails made the tracking of the project more complicated because there were a lot of stakeholders.
  • Difficulty in communicating with the clients.
  • Difficulty in communicating with the contractors.
  • Project data scattered in e-mails, memos, scans.


  • Precise tracking and seamless reception.
  • Efficient communication between the numerous stakeholders.
  • The schedule could be respected.
  • Reduction in errors and costs.
  • Efficiently structured site meetings.

“LetsBuild serves as a platform to exchange information, which allows for an efficient communication between the numerous stakeholders. In addition to offering a host structure for the project’s documents, LetsBuild allows the precise tracking of the project. The input is quite simple and the interface very efficient. Remarks can be added directly on plans as soon as they are uploaded. It is also possible to mention the floor, the room, the exact location, the person in charge, a due date, a status, and other important pieces of information.

LetsBuild, thanks to its innovative tools and its interface, makes it possible to create intelligent reports. The different remarks can be sorted in different ways with different advantages. For instance, remarks can be sorted by user. Thanks to that, we could spare a lot of time because all the remarks in a document could be sent to the right person. Moreover, sorting the remarks by date makes it possible to structure site meetings more efficiently and to keep the schedule that has been laid down.”

How to see everything happening on site

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