Real-time insight into your projects, overviews across projects and resources

Get a full overview of the status of all your projects in real time or dig into the details of one activity. LetsBuild’s overviews and dashboards enable you to control your projects across locations, teams, and time.

Manage your teams, deliveries and milestones across projects

View tasks and milestones across all your projects in one Gantt chart and filter to check for instance if teams need to be reassigned because they are double booked. Filter on milestones awaiting sign-off or check your deliveries across deadlines. You can also use the cross-project Gantt to print weekly task lists for subcontractors.

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View the status of your entire project portfolio

With our portfolio overview, you get an immediate view across all your projects in LetsBuild; which ones are on track and which are not, which kinds of problems are you experiencing on several projects or in several regions. With real-time data feeding your overview, it is much easier to make decisions on a timely basis.

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Complex data presented simply

Don’t waste time on compiling data from multiple projects or teams to get an overview. With LetsBuild’s customisable dashboards, you get your data presented to you in beautiful visuals. What’s more, the data is being updated in real time with actual data from site so you always have a current view of your projects.

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Integrates with other systems to form an entire ecosystem

LetsBuild’s solutions integrate with other software applications or your own internal systems so that you can rely on the optimal use of your data. Moving or copying data between different software platforms is time-consuming and error-prone but with LetsBuild’s API and integrations, all your data is stored and managed in one central place.

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Connect your teams. Gain visibility, starting today.