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Clear overview of all your projects, anywhere and anytime

No matter the size, volume or location of your projects, with LetsBuild construction management software you always have a clear overview.

  • Simplified decision making
  • Connected project data
  • Insights across projects
  • Accurate, actionable information in real time
  • On-site activities linked with meta data

Decision making made easy

With LetsBuild you don’t get lost in details. Quickly spot when and which project is getting delayed. Keep a live dashboard of your entire portfolio updated in real-time with live information straight from the workers on site. From a top down point of view, you can then deep dive straight into the exact task at hand that is slowing down the entire construction process and see the nature of that problem and who is directly responsible and act accordingly.

Connect all project data

No matter the size, the volume or the location of your projects, LetsBuild allows you to gather all data in the cloud. Rest assured everything that is happening on-site is recorded and stored in a centralised data system, where you can observe, analyse and act with up-to-date information.

Insights across projects

With LetsBuild you gain insights across your entire portfolio. Are some projects slower than others? Find out what is keeping them behind. Is some weather pattern disturbing the construction progress in a certain region? See immediately when progress resumes, and what the status is, without emails or chasing people.

Accurate, actionable information in real-time

Because LetsBuild takes information directly from the job site, from the workers themselves, this eliminates any delay, miscommunication or middlemen when it comes to task and progress updates. The data is brought straight from field, and into LetsBuild’s live schedule—which is being updated with progress as the workers report on it. This way the data you rely on to make important decisions is always clear and fresh.

Linked projects with meta data

Project data in LetsBuild is always linked – dates, forms, checklists, drawings, dependencies and assignees. When one team reports a job done, it can automatically trigger a required quality check and notify the person responsible.

We have complete overview of the project’s progress. Workers on-site can easily report problems, we get the notified of problems and updates, and we can notify relevant parties. All of this in one single central system.
Jimmi Grouleff IdealhuseJimmi Grouleff
Owner & Director, IDEALHUSE

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