10 Reasons to Leverage Construction Management Software

Written by LetsBuild

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  1. In this context “Leverage” isn’t using crowbars and wrecking bars: it is making the best use of MONEY!
  2. Construction Management Software” (CMS) isn’t a new idea! We have seen MS Excel used by the QS’s, MS Project by the Planners and e-mails instead of hard copy letters in the post by everyone! All great time-savers and time is MONEY!
  3. 2 above came into our lives, what, 20 years ago? Well, the times they are a-changing!
  4. Today’s “Construction Management Software” is specifically written to be all things to all men in construction. The best of them, needless to say, is GenieBelt.
  5. Use GenieBelt and everyone knows everything, instantly, about the project you are working on. No delays in information communication.
  6. Into day’s world everyone on site has a PC., tablet or smart phone immediately to hand. Any info sent by CMS gets to everyone in seconds! No work done to superseded drawings, for example! – so no incurred costs for remedial action!
  7. Today’s “best” CMS has everything on it, including drawings, Detailed Programmes to completion, Memos, TFI’s, etc, etc, etc. The big one I like is RFI’s! With everyone knowing there is one out it re-focusses attention on the project from Architects and Engineers who have moved on other things! Response within the contractual days!
  8. Lots of Leverage in No. 7 because that can well save the cost of Forensic Delay Analysis to demonstrate that it is the client-side that have caused Delay! No LAD to pay out!
  9. The cost of handling and storing the traditional construction project paperwork is horrendous. I worked it out at about £68,000 for a £5 million project! That sum is spread out across everyone involved: Client, Main Contractor, Architects and Sub-Contractors. Good Leverage to save that much cash on the job! GenieBelt would cost £40 per month or a total of £240 for the project. Sound pretty good leverage, doesn’t it?
  10. Lastly, time! Site Management have their time saved in handling paperwork if CMS is used. That allows them to spend more of their time out and about on site! It also saves having to pay them over-time for handling the paperwork once all the trades have left site for the night!

So there you go! 10 Reasons to Leverage Construction Management Software! Get your crowbars out and lever your company into using it!