Top 9 construction bidding websites

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Creating a winning bid in the construction industry is much more difficult than it seems, which is why many companies are turning their focus to bidding websites. These bidding websites allow construction companies to find the projects that are a better fit for them, even if they are not right in the immediate area.

The companies save time and money by doing this, because they are not using precious hours searching for projects that may or may not exist.

Here are the best construction bidding websites:

The federal government manages this website, which shouldn’t be a surprise since it contains a plethora of federal construction projects.  Construction companies can search for the project that they want by either the location, the government agency it is for, or the date that the job was posted.  Of course, everyone can also just look at one large list of current available construction projects, so they do not miss the exact one they are looking for.

McGraw-Hill Construction has been providing pertinent information to the industry for more than a century now and they have recently put it all into this easy to search website.  Construction companies can search for projects, but they can also look for product information, industry news, plans and specifications, market research, and even the latest trends.  Those who want to use the bidding tool can search it by state or each Canadian territory.  The results will show what is available by phase, value, location, and the date it was posted.

This website allows those who design buildings to connect with those who build them, and it is perfect for anyone who is in the construction, architectural, or engineering industries.  All project leads are organized by state and Canadian territory, and a click on each one will divulge more information about the details, which ensures that businesses have everything they need to make an informed decision.

This website is not run by the government, but it does list all bidding options for local, state, and federal projects.  The results are updated daily as the website does searches of government websites, government publications, and public meeting information, so they can provide the latest data. is a commercial bidding website and companies can find detailed project information, as well as the contact information for those who will be making the decisions on the project.  Everyone can save their search parameters, which makes it easier when returning to complete future searches for new projects.  This bidding website is also quite mobile friendly, so anyone can use it from anywhere, including the job site they are currently on.

Construction Bid Source

This website may not be as high-end as some of the others, but it does provide a wealth of information about available projects.  There are two versions available, with one being free and the other requiring a fee.  The free version will allow people to share their company within the project, select favorite projects, and view the projects that are being bid.  The paid version does all that and shares the owners contact information and allows people to download documents.


CMD is what is known as Construction Marketing Data and it is part of the ConstructConnect companies.  Their leads will help construction companies see what materials are in highest demand and will send the data to any device.  This website also provides custom analytics so that companies can better market themselves and the services that they offer.


iSqFt is another commercial bidding website that is part of the ConstructConnect group.  Companies can use it to find actionable bid data and it allows general contractors to send bid invitations directly to their favorite subcontractors.  This website also helps subcontractors find ways to provide extremely accurate bids, so that they walk away with more work.

Out of all the construction bidding websites, many people think that is the best.  This website provides leads for new commercial construction projects and subcontractors can easily obtain the reports of any company that they want to place a bid with.

This allows them to have everything that they need to know about the owners, the developers, and the contractors who are already in place for the project that they want to place a bid for.  The interface of this website is easy to use, and it is quite budget friendly, which is perfect for those who are trying out this newer technology option.


Companies that are tired of keeping their ears open for new projects coming down the line are going to want to try this latest technology of construction bidding websites.  All the work is done for them and all they need to do is a simple search and the project of their dreams will pop up, ready for them to place a bid.