Construction Management Tools for Appliances and Equipment

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With the electronic age in full swing, house design reflects the owner’s desire to have the latest in electronic equipment as much as the budget will allow. These latest tools and gadgets make it easier to go over checklists for safety and performance standards.

Safety and performance standards

Testing controls and features is a construction management focus that is a vital aspect of mitigating risks that contribute to improving appliance and equipment productivity. In managing a construction site, make sure your checklist of specifications is up to date. The architect will accommodate with specs that detail nomenclature and installation. The challenge is for the checklist to show expected test results.

Today’s home accommodates A/V, intercom, timers and security as standard equipment

The electrician will be responsible for their installation, but there are construction management issues that need to be addressed for them to function as expected. Since most of these items are installed near the end of the project, the electrician should assure the contractor that replacements are readily available when ordering. 

Kitchen equipment is checked for performance

If there’s a chef in the house, the kitchen will no doubt feature a gas range, but perhaps include electric wall ovens.  Some home owners require both to be gas or both to be electric.

  • The contractor must check connections to be certain they pass code, are working properly and be present when the equipment has been installed to confirm operation.
  • Testing when installation is complete is critical for evidence of damaged or faulty equipment.
  • Water lines to refrigerators with/or separate icemakers will need to be tested for operation.
  • Confirm the dishwasher and microwave work properly and fit well in their appointed slots
  • Garbage compactors and disposals should also be operationally tested.

A/V equipment and electronics wiring

Many home owners prefer their A/V equipment to be built into cabinetry. Flat screen TV is often camouflaged behind a decorative panel.

  • Some home owners prefer an intercom system for radio and music distribution throughout the home
  • Internet and cable wiring should be tested
  • Most of these items will be tested by the electrician or other vendors upon installation; the contractor should be present to verify operation and note the drawings.

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