Construction Management Tools: Project Closeout

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During project closeout, the architect will send the owner and contractor an agenda regarding closeout procedures and requirements.  They may bring a real estate attorney.  Always prepare additional copies for the meeting.

Interior design

Many architects prefer to do their own interior design. However, on occasion, owners will hire an interior designer on a separate contract. It will be the architect and contractor’s responsibility to include the designer in discussions and inspections related to those areas where the designer has contributed to the project. The owner will have a separate meeting with the designer they have hired.

Your tools:  administrative skills

At the meeting, the contractor presents a copy of the work guarantee, as well as warranties on various materials and equipment, one each to the contractor and owner. The contractor reviews the work guarantee to the owner’s understanding and presents the materials warranties. The contractor will also provide a list of vendors from which the materials, equipment and supplies were purchased. At this time the contractor is paid the remainder of the funds due to the project.


The architect will present the owner with a portfolio of documents and samples, along with an extra set of drawings and specifications. The portfolio will contain manuals for equipment and appliances, together with any attached warranties. A brief review of each manual will include advice to ensure that all devices are used properly and safely. The homeowner should sign a form that confirms the knowledge given to them regarding equipment and appliances.

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