Construction Management Tools: Final Punch List

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Final punch list and owner walk through is when all of the glitches have been handled and the contractor is ready for a final review. With punch list in hand, the architect and contractor review the punch list and this time both should feel confident that all is in place and all is well. The contractor will have had a cleaning crew come in and make sure everything gleams and sparkles. It all needs to look brand, spanking new. Corners are immaculate. Light fixtures are spotless, etc.

Owner walk-through

This activity is handled by the architect, who has been thoroughly invested by the contractor with success stories that, when relayed, make the owners feel as though the contractor has gone to the ends of the earth for them.

  1. The architect will have presented the owner with a copy of the specifications so that they can do a detailed review of all the materials and their identifying properties.
  2. Each major item’s composition and installation is carefully explained.
  3. The owner’s eyes may glaze over, but the experienced architect will present opportunities for questions by dropping a couple of trade names or construction jargon—to help the owner gain an understanding of the construction experience.

Construction management review



  • prepares final paperwork to pay sub contractor’s retainage;
  • prepares final payment to vendors;
  • prepares request for final payment to architect.


  • reviews contractor paperwork and releases payment after final inspection.


The architect and contractor will do a microscopic check of all new areas and a punch list is developed.  The contractor disposes the punch and a final inspection confirms remediation.
The architect does a walk through with the home owners, pointing out how their expectations have been met.  Special materials or equipment is discussed. A final meeting, with the owners and contractor is scheduled.

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