How construction companies use mobile field reporting to beat competition

Boost productivity and increase profits

Digital tools are rapidly transforming construction during the last years. A significant shift towards new technologies is observed in the effort of construction companies to deal with their competitors within the industry. The sooner building firms realize the need for making their projects more mobile and accessible the easier it will be for them to boost productivity and increase their profits.

Of course the adoption of digital solutions and new practices is not expected to be effortless and without any challenges. There are several parameters that should be taken into account and various obstacles that should be overcome. However, with the right strategy it is possible that this transition to a new mobile era can happen much easier than many may think.

Before we analyze further what is the better tactic to follow in order to introduce your construction business to the new digital reality, it’s important to focus on the problems that the industry faces at the moment.

Common construction project problems  

There is no doubt that construction projects are becoming more and more efficient day by day. Nevertheless, people in the industry still are facing a number of pains due to the lack of transparency in the construction process. As McKinsey expert Jan Mischke suggests, the productivity gap between construction and the average economy is more than $1.6 trillion a year. It is understandable, then, that there is significant room for improvement and many pitfalls to be tackled. In a few words, here are the main problems that the building sector should focus on:

Limited access to projects

Lack of collaboration is a big problem in many construction projects even today. The inability to connect in real-time with the numerous members of your team hurts your project both in terms of money and time. Limited access to valuable project information naturally leads to broken communication and serious coordination problems which can force your building schedule to fall behind.

Furthermore, task updates and crucial project details aren’t delivered on time, as coordinating through emails and phone calls can simply take too long. Efficiency rates of 30% and budget overruns of 80% are only a few of the statistics that document the serious problem that construction is battling against. Digital tools can help the building sector with becoming more effective by establishing a faster and more straightforward communication process.

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Ineffectual management of resources

The lack of efficiency has a huge impact on the management of construction project resources. This concerns time, financial and material resources. Projects with flawed communication can create serious problems for your budget and force your project to painful delays. As far as the materials are concerned, miscalculation during the ordering process or bad storage and use of them due to insufficient planning are some of the main pitfalls that you might encounter.

A trustworthy reporting tool can allow construction companies to avoid such issues, due to the powerful project insight that it can provide. For instance, the inclusion of sensors on construction materials can make possible the automatic ordering and delivering of new bunches on site. Like that, construction managers can always remain confident that everything will be on-site at the right time and place for the next assigned task to begin.

Project delays

Only in the UK construction, 60% of building projects are facing significant delays. As we already noticed above, problematic resource management can be one of the main reasons for project delays. If you also add defective communication to the equation, things can get even worse. Project delays can harm your budget to a serious extent and can lead to an augmented need for repairs in a number of tasks. This could be justified by the fact that some materials should be used under specific conditions.

When this is not possible, due to project and scheduling delays, the completion of a task can be severely affected. The implementation of a reliable construction software can ensure that you keep your priorities straight and that everything is progressing and delivered according to the initial plan.

Data waste

The construction industry is throwing away almost 95% of the data that generates. In other words, construction throws away valuable knowledge and project intelligence which could be critical for the development of the sector. Many opportunities for the industry to improve are going to waste and it comes as no surprise that the building sector keeps bumping against the same problems. Predictive analytics is an excellent example of how data could empower the way construction works.

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Thanks to its use, construction companies could save a lot of time and effort when it comes to designing and executing a new project. And that’s because they could have access to important information about past projects where the same problems had been met (eg. weather conditions, building regulations on a particular area, etc.). Project management software can be your biggest ally in the endeavor to secure all this valuable project learning.

Innovation is stalled

It doesn’t take much to realize that inefficient communication, data waste and problematic resource allocation can hinder project productivity and by extension, the development of the global construction industry. More analytically, it can dramatically stall the launching of new more efficient building techniques.

Mobile field reporting, unhindered information flow, and well-established project collaboration can provide the necessary space for more accurate task planning and data management. This would allow for further experimentation and greener solutions in construction.

How mobile field reporting can help your construction company

Construction has some serious problems to face but it’s not everything bad in the industry. The arrival of mobile technology has already optimised the construction process to a great extent. By adopting a solid mobile field reporting app, you can get a significant advantage against your competitors. Here is how you can make this happen:

Maximize project efficiency

I’m sure that by now you have heard this a lot. Mobile technology can change the way your construction company works and allow you to make the most out of your ongoing projects. Building projects are becoming more and more perplexed which means that constant communication and perfect coordination is required. This used to be achieved through countless meetings on site and at the office.

That’s no longer necessary as a reliable reporting tool can make sure that updates are delivered in real-time to anyone involved in the project. On top of that, the automatic creation of daily reports can save you a lot of time and keep all the relevant contractors and building agents up to date.

LetsBuild is an excellent example of how you can make field reporting simpler for your team:

genie belt app
Optimize the flow of information

The ability to communicate in real-time with anyone involved in the project empowers the communication between the office and the site. Immediate action can be taken and the amount of unpredictable mistakes will be essentially reduced. Fewer mistakes will automatically mean lower need for repairs and more money saved.
But for this smooth exchange of information to be achieved, you need the right digital solution. A tool that will allow you to report progress from your smartphone in an easy manner, while also being able to receive instant updates from your colleagues and team members on site. Lastly, pictures can also be a critical element of the progress monitoring process.
They can add incredible precision in field reporting and that is why in GenieBelt we have invested a lot in this feature, too. Here is how you can make use of it:

problem reporting - genie belt
Focus on yours clients

Clients should always be your priority. In that way, you will be able to improve your client acquisition and retention rates. Mobile technology can help you significantly with that in a number of ways. First and foremost, it can allow you to present a precise construction plan to your clients. That will help a lot in making them feel that they made the right choice. On top of that, mobile technology provides your clients with a complete overview of the stage in which their project is.
This element enhances transparency and contributes to the establishment of a solid connection with your clients based on mutual trust. Lastly, through the collected project data you can offer them valuable project intelligence which they can apply to upcoming projects. All these factors will be highly appreciated by your clients and could potentially be the reason for them to trust again in the future.
In GenieBelt you can effortlessly keep track of your ongoing projects both from the construction site and the office:

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Avoid disputes

Disputes are costing a fair amount of money to the construction industry every year. A trustworthy project management solution can be the way to tackle such unwanted situations. The detailed documentation of every single task coupled with comments about the challenges that may have appeared allow for the creation of an objective project archive. Like that, it can always be clear who is responsible for which task. No room for misunderstandings and less money spent on costly project claims!

Prioritize Security

Security is always key. The use of modern technology in construction has helped in the better protection of sensitive data around the project. Cloud based options empower the sharing of important information online and eliminate the danger for putting your data in danger. The cloud storage saves you from a lot of paperwork, too. Physical disasters are no longer a threat for your valuable pieces of information, since everything lives in a common-shared model.


Mobile technology has made progress updates easier than ever before.  In your continuous effort to out-compete your competitors and establish your construction company in the market, mobile field reporting can be a precious ally. For that reason, you want to choose carefully a reporting tool that will be easy to use and will boost the connection between the construction site and the office.

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