Why you can’t run complex construction projects with WhatsApp and Excel

Learn how LetsBuild can help you deliver successful projects without tearing your hair out using Excel and WhatsApp!

Using WhatsApp and Excel for managing your construction projects can eventually throw you over time and budget. It’s time to take a closer look into how LetsBuild can improve collaboration between your teams and become the missing link between your master programme and your 3-6 week planning.

So that you can segment your various communication workflows while maintaining full visibility over your multiple tasks and projects.

What you will learn:

  • Why WhatsApp and Excel aren’t the right tools to run complex construction projects
  • Why your programme should always reflect reality
  • How you can bring the WhatsApp approach to construction
  • Why LetsBuild is a better fit for your projects than WhatsApp
  • How to connect the programme to the site with LetsBuild
  • Why the programme is king