5 effective ways to simplify complicated construction project management tasks

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You have limited resources but must plan for every scenario to finish your projects on time and on budget. You keep the workflow on schedule from planning to handover. You ensure everything runs seamlessly.

But there’s a problem: Complicated construction project management tasks are around every corner, hampering the productivity and efficiency of every stakeholder.

So what can you do to tackle those challenges?

We’ll discuss some of the problems construction project managers face and five ways you can simplify complicated construction management tasks.

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5 ways to simplify your construction management tasks with LetsBuild

Construction project management faces many challenges that can complicate otherwise simple tasks.

From inefficient communication between stakeholders to poor document management and the lack of access to real-time data, we end up with inaccurate records and siloed data. How are you supposed to avoid overruns, conflicts, and rework with these challenges?

The solution is deploying the right construction site management apps to improve your project management workflows, increase on- and off-site productivity, and ultimately simplify the tasks that have been seen as complicated for so long.

At LetsBuild, we make adaptable solutions for construction project managers so you can plan more efficiently, keep your crews productive, take advantage of the data you collect, and finish your projects on budget, on time, and with higher build quality.

1. Implement lean practices at all levels

The best way to make better construction management decisions is by using real-time data to gain insights into every aspect of your project. This allows you to maintain your focus on the big picture and provide your team with the ability to plan, execute, and manage their own workflows.

Implementing lean construction practices comes with many benefits. One of the key principles of lean is pull planning, which also happens to be one of the most efficient construction project management methods in the industry.

Learn how LB Coordination can help you work lean and simplify construction management tasks by blocking out repetitive work and breaking down data silos.

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2. Improve your task management processes

Complicated construction project management tasks lead to cost and budget overruns, avoidable delays, and significant risks to the project’s overall quality. Managing each task in a single source of truth from planning and pre-construction to handover is the key to simplifying the process and avoiding the issues that come with complicated activities.

You need a centralised app to streamline your communication, collaboration, and task management. With the right construction management software, you can maximise efficiency, reduce risk, and shift tasks around quickly based on changes to the project’s scope.

See how LB Geniebelt can mitigate risks on your construction site, by helping you manage repetitive tasks and catch scope creep as it happens.

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How construction companies can leverage the power of data | LetsBuild3. Track daily site activities

If you can get a real-time snapshot of the progress each team is making on your construction site, complicated project management tasks suddenly seem simple—everyone gets a visual picture of what’s happening now, what needs to happen next, and what’s expected of them.

Monitoring and sharing the progress of daily site activities in a centralised location makes aligning tasks and managing resources easy to keep your project on track and on budget.

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4. Keep everyone on the same page

When you can effectively communicate plans and collaborate on a master schedule, you can reduce the risk of inefficiencies, conflicts, and defects. If you can bring all teams and stakeholders together in one place, you can simplify the process from planning to handover.

With construction project management software, you can gain and share relevant insights and analytics to make better, more data-driven decisions across the project’s lifecycle. In addition, it makes sticking to the master schedule easier by leaving clear audit trails, reports, and more.

Find out why construction companies worldwide use LB Aproplan to minimise misunderstandings, avoid costly disputes, and make their data more accessible.

5. Use data from past projects to your advantage

If you use a connected construction project management app throughout all of your projects, it won’t be long until you have data about all aspects of your on- and off-site processes. Then, you can draw on that data to increase productivity and efficiency, ultimately turning tasks that were once complicated and frustrating into the opposite.

Centralising the information you collect every day in a single platform that everyone can access allows you to make informed decisions based on actionable reports and data-backed analytics.

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Try any of our construction project management apps for free or book a personalised demo—we’ll walk you through setting up the LetsBuild software to simplify the construction management tasks that give you and your organisation the most trouble.