Ensure that your project plan reflects reality

On every construction project, changes happen that impact the project plan. Delays due to weather, materials or manpower shortage can wreak havoc with even the best laid plan. But with a direct link between your activity schedule and progress reports from site, you retain the full overview of the status of your projects.


Report progress on tasks in real time

With LetsBuild, workers can see and update their tasks using their smartphones. Whether they are reporting a problem or the completion of a task, LetsBuild’s real-time schedule is immediately updated. There is no need to chase up people for information – it is right at their fingertips.

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Bring your project plan to life with real-time reporting

All too often, the project’s masterplan is outdated as soon as it is done. Delays and program changes invariably happen that have an impact on the overall planning. But import your masterplan into LetsBuild’s real-time schedule and see how it comes to life, with progress reporting straight from site.

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Plan to the detail you need to stay on top of things

With LetsBuild, you can create a subset of the overall project plan to plan activities and materials deliveries over the next 3-6 weeks. This lean planning schedule links back to the overall plan so you know where you are at all times, and each team knows exactly what to do when.

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Connect your teams. Gain visibility, starting today.