Progress reporting

Reporting progress on site has never been easier.

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No more subcontractors arriving on site in vain

LetsBuild’s progress reporting feature allows teams to accurately report progress on their tasks and instantly notifies any parties that need to follow up.

  • Progress reporting done right
  • Schedule-based reporting
  • Automatically notify the right people
  • Streamlined collaboration
  • Up-to-date PDF Reporting

Progress reporting done right

With LetsBuild, workers on site can simply report work progress when their tasks are finished or when problems occur, with a few clicks using their smartphones. Scattered data, phone calls and long email threads are eliminated by keeping all reporting and collaboration in one tool. When a task is delayed or completed, the schedule is automatically updated to reflect the change.

Schedule-based progress reporting

With LetsBuild, on-site activities can be planned in detail with the 3-6 week schedule. With real-time progress reporting, you always have an updated schedule that accurately reflects the status of the project at any given time. The direct task-to-schedule link ensures that everyone involved in a given task works with the same up-to-date information.

Automatically notify the right people

Once a task is finished, a follow-up notification is sent to the affected parties. When your carpenter is done installing the floor, for instance, an automated notification is sent to the QA/QC manager to begin his/her work. Once checks have been done, your subcontractor gets the green light that everything is ready for them to begin working on the next step.

Streamlined collaboration

LetsBuild makes it easier for you to collaborate more efficiently. You won’t need to write long emails, chase people on the phone, or carry around paperwork. All collaboration is task based, fully transparent, and in one eco-system which makes it enjoyable for everyone involved. The audit trail shows the detailed history of a particular task, who was responsible for what, where any problems originated and how they were solved.

PDF reporting with updated information

LetsBuild allows you to compile custom PDF reports with up-to-date data straight from the construction site. Rest assured all information is recent and reliable when you create reports for various stakeholders.

With just a few clicks, I can learn the current state of my projects. I can see where we are having problems and which contractors are experiencing delays. This kind of knowledge, which is difficult to get, is indispensable as it helps us evaluate and improve our approach to work.
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