Lean planning

Short-term project planning just got smarter.

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Breakdown the masterplan into actionable and assigned tasks

LetsBuild brings the construction schedule straight to the site. No more 10-feet long printed spreadsheets that are outdated the moment they are printed.

  • Real-time planning
  • Task based communication
  • Linked to the main schedule
  • Material & resource management
  • Automated compliance

Bring your construction plan to life with real-time updates

No matter if you use 3rd party tools for your planning needs or you choose to use LetsBuild, our construction project management software brings your short-term plan to life. See everything that happens on site reflected instantly in the schedule. With LetsBuild, site workers doing the actual work are updating the project schedule in real time using their smartphones. This eliminates miscommunication, unnecessary phone calls and frustration with the daily routine of schedule updates. Now, the workers do the updates for you.

Task based communication in a centralised hub

In LetsBuild, communication revolves around the task. Every progress update, comment and all documentation is task based and synced with the main plan. This means you don’t waste time with split email threads; chasing people on calls; or mixing papers or photos in different tools and archives. Now you can keep all collaboration streamlined in a centralised place.

Lean planning linked to the main schedule

The lean planning feature of LetsBuild allows you to produce a 3-6 week subset of the master plan, so that you can enrich it with the detail needed to manage daily activities on site. When activities are completed or changed, this is instantly visible in the main project schedule, enabling better decision making.

Plan your materials orders and deliveries

Too often, building materials are delivered at the wrong place at the wrong time. With the LetsBuild lean planning feature, you can schedule material deliveries to fit with your work schedule. This provides you with a clear view of what needs to be ordered when and ensures that materials don’t get in the way or get lost.

Automate compliance processes

Trigger automated task-based compliance follow-ups. With LetsBuild’s compliance management feature, when a milestone is reached (i.e. a task or group of tasks are finished), you can trigger an instant QA form and notify the site inspector to perform the follow-up check. Since all information is kept up to date, synced with the main plan, you can easily spot when and where problems arise, who is responsible and what the status is.

Managing my 3-6 week planning has become “child’s play” because all my key activities are gathered in one tool.
Guillaume Vanderhauwart
Site manager, Willemen

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