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The real-time companion for your planning tool

No more outdated project plans – get feedback from site in real time.

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Update your plan in real time,
straight from site

Import your project plan into LetsBuild and bring it to life in a real-time dynamic environment. The schedule gets updated with data straight from site. No more chasing people with phone calls, emails or text messages.

  • Use your favourite planning tool
  • Full schedule control
  • Avoid information overload
  • Clear information at the right time
  • Complex Gantt charts are for the office
  • Plan-centric collaboration

Continue to use your favourite planning tool

LetsBuild integrates seamlessly with industry leading planning tools so that you can continue to work the way you are used to. Import/export plans from Asta Powerproject, MS Project, or Primavera with one-button press to and from LetsBuild.

Retain full control of the schedule

In LetsBuild, you can choose exactly which information you want to get into the plan and which information you want to distribute to others. You are always in full control.

Avoid information overload

The LetsBuild platform allows you to filter and remove any unnecessary information from your reporting so that you focus on what is important.

Turn complex Gantt charts into actionable tasks

Turn complicated Gantt charts into actionable, bite-size task lists delegated straight to the responsible person on site. With LetsBuild, workers do what they are best at, while you focus on the actual planning.

Clear information at the right time

LetsBuild gathers data straight from the site teams doing the actual work and reporting on their progress. This eliminates any middlemen, miscommunications, delays and errors. This marks the end to chasing people and working with information from yesterday.

Turn chaotic communication into plan-centric collaboration

With LetsBuild’s project management software, all collaboration is gathered around the planned tasks and activities. No more scattered email threads, phone calls, paper folders or whiteboard notes.

“Within the industry, the programme is king. If we don’t deliver on time, it’s going to cost us more money or certainly cost someone more money. So when using LetsBuild to provide that visibility up the chain, sales managers, senior managers can see what is going on the project.”
Matt Ghinn
Project director – VolkerFitzpatrick

Connect your teams. Gain visibility, starting today.