Why Your Business NEEDS Integrated Construction Software

Written by LetsBuild

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You don’t need me to tell you that your business needs a lot of documentation, do you? You see huge piles of it every day! It’s no secret that, paperwork and proper coordination among all the different agents is still a big pain in construction. Even before you win a contract there are BoQ’s, Specifications, draft contracts and all that stuff. Suppose you just have to put up with that to actually get business that brings in the money.

The Paper Struggle

Once the contract for the project is won, paper really starts to build up all over the place:
-Head Office
-Site offices
-Clients office
-Consultants offices

Paperwork Consequences

All that struggle comes with a great cost, as you can imagine. In short, here are the main consequences of the endless paperwork in construction:

-Awfully high costs an for handling and storing the documents
-Lacking information about the progress of the project
-Significantly higher re-work time and costs, if just a bit of paper didn’t get passed on to the right person as soon as it was issued
-Task and project delays
-Liquidated and ascertained damages, followed even by bankruptcy

The Solution

By now, you may think that every construction project is hopeless with all this paperwork coming towards it. But the use of  an integrated construction software, like the one that GenieBelt provides, could be the solution. Here’s why:

It keeps everyone within the project connected and up-to-dated: All the different parties know easily and quickly about any new changes.

Makes the Build Program accessible to everyone: It’s one of the most important documents for project success and with our new Integrated Construction Software it can be available to everyone.

It eliminates any potential project hold-up’s: In order to make life easier and the job faster, the trades can mark-up daily where they have got to with their tasks.

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Easy control of the project’s budget: Thanks to the detailed enlisting of all the different trades and tasks, the Finance Director in collaboration with your Quantity Surveyor can handle the corporate budget with confidence and make specific bids to their clients each month.

Instant updates for revised drawings: Everyone has the new drawings on their PC’s, tablets or smart phones  instantly. No more re-work or delays! On top of that, if the reply is delayed, then everyone will know about it and, in case of re-work or Delay, know who has to pick up the bill!

Monthly progress reports: They will be joined by all letters of correspondence (except commercially confidential stuff).


It’s a no brainer, then, that without having to handle all the old-fashioned paperwork your project costs will come down considerably. No more delays and unnecessary disputes. That, people, is why Your Business NEEDS integrated Construction Software and the one you need is GenieBelt!

GenieBelt is the only construction software available globally, to the best of my knowledge, which gives you absolutely everything you need in a single package!