Why Our Industry Needs Free Construction Software

Written by LetsBuild

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Our industry isn’t renowned for the high percentage profit margins. So, if any outfit wants to do the job right then they have to come up with a Detailed Programme to Completion. To do that you’d normally have to overcome a certain number of obstacles first:

1. Cost

The cost of planning and organizing a construction project can be excessively high. There are so many different aspects that have to be taken under consideration and this fact results in significant delays and unpredictable expenses.

2. Coordination of the different agents

For a construction project to be carried through and run smoothly, many different agents have to come together and agree on a long list of different issues and tasks. That’s a pretty painful and many times inefficient process when it has to be done manually.

3. Deal with all the paperwork

One more challenge for anyone who tries to plan and manage a construction project is, with no doubt, paperwork. The amount of time and money resources that are still spent in construction on filling out endless paper documents is shocking. A solid construction project management software can put an end to it once and for all.

4. Keeping Up to Date with Ongoing Tasks

This is an issue closely related to efficient coordination that was mentioned above. Without a construction project management software it can be truly hard to know what is exactly going on day by day on site. Given this fact, it becomes apparent that this could lead to important on site delays.

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It’s obvious, then, that managing a construction project can be a real pain. In that sense, a free -or almost free compared to what it’s offering- construction project management software can save you a lot of trouble. In a nutshell, here are the main ways in which it can help your construction company:

1. Save Money and Time Resources

First and foremost,  construction software means faster coordination of ongoing tasks and as a consequence quicker completion of them, too. This money and time save of resources can lead to further improvement and development of the project per se.

2. Decrease Risk 

When everyone gets information in real time about what’s happening on the construction site, there’s more time for all the different agents to act effectively against a potential problem. In that aspect, there’s a considerably decreased risk for the project to go wrong.

3. More Effective Document Control

We mentioned before the paperwork hassle. The use of a solid construction software can’t only tackle this issue, but ensure more efficient control of the project documents, as well. Thanks to project management software, you can easily track progress and organize properly a huge number of documents.

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4. Centralize the Whole Process

A large amount of different professionals is collaborating daily in order for a construction project to come to life. A top performing construction project management software – like GenieBelt’s – allows you to have an overall image of the whole project, without coming in contact with countless people.


It becomes pretty clear, then, that the construction industry has to gain a lot by the use of construction project management software. Here in GenieBelt, we believe that we have what it takes in order to offer you an easy-going and efficient solution for managing your construction projects. Start using GenieBelt as your construction project management software and you’ll see you’re finishing on time and to budget!