Why You Must Educate Employees to Maximise Construction Software

Written by LetsBuild

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There is one bit of software that has been around for about 20 years; not specifically Construction Software, but probably used more by construction than anyone else: Microsoft Project! Many times I’ve walked into projects where there has been no Build Programme beyond some arbitrary Master Build Programme that merely says “From now till then, stick it up”! I’ve set to on the job and come up with a Detailed Programme to Completion (DPC).

Now for some reason “employees”, and in this I include quite senior management, don’t seem to be aware of what a fantastic tool a DPC is for their project, their profit and their business. I’ve been criticized, more than once, for spending their money on my time producing the DPC. But I decided to go ahead anyway. I came up with one, sticked copies up here, there and everywhere so that the skilled trades could see it and the first benefits began to appear.

Advantages of Using DPC

Work flow increase

By using a thoroughly established DPC, you will almost immediately notice that the work flow will dramatically increase. The DPC can offer a great incentive to the workers on site and it can boost their productivity to remarkable extent. In that way, the project accelerates and often completes well before hand-over date.

More efficient management of project turnarounds

I’ve also found that a DPC is the most crucial tool for project turnaround and for getting it back on programme, thus avoiding Delay and LAD.

Lower need for repairs

The better organized a project is the fewer mistakes or misunderstandings will appear. DPC allows for a more effective connection between all the different construction agents working within the project. Thanks to this, there will be a significantly lower need for repairs, given the fact that fewer mistakes will pop up. 

Senior management in SME’s can be quite opposed to spending their money for a Planner to come up with a DPC prior to start on site. It is with them that the education about maximizing construction software needs to start.

The Profits of Educating Your Employees on Construction Software

That, from my experience, was the start of project management software in construction; the good old MS Project. But times have moved on and we now have Construction Software written especially for our needs in the building game.

There’s a huge number of benefits for a construction project, when you choose to focus on the education of your employees on construction software:

Construction Software is a money-saver

The laugh of it is that MS Project actually costs money to buy and have someone use. At the same time, today’s Construction Software is a dramatic money-saver from Day 1. On top of that, the improvement of your project efficiency will result in better scheduling of all the required tasks and in better management of the available financial resources.

You will save tons of time

Saving time and money are part of the same equation and construction software can help you towards both of them. A trustworthy software can help you to stay always one step ahead of any potential issues and as a consequence to save a lot of time in trying to fix them.

Improved flow of information

The use of construction software can have a truly significant impact on the communication between all the different members of the project. Everyone can receive real time updates about any project changes or issues. The right information will easily reach to the right people. This will empower the communication between the office and the construction site.

Full contactability

By teaching your workers to use construction software, you make sure that they will be effortlessly reachable when necessary. I know that it may sound as a simple detail to many people but believe me it’s not! In times where immediate action is necessary, you will be able to contact with no hassle anyone you want simply by using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Increased productivity

Now it doesn’t matter whether you are Client or Contractor. By using today’s Construction Software, the ones saving their time will be the employees. No great heaps of paperwork to be dealt with so they can get off site and back to the family earlier every night. You save your time, too. Instead of wasting your time rooting round trying to find bits of paper that was probably misfiled anyway, you just need to make a few clicks on your screen and all is revealed.


Remember that, in this context, you count as an employee even if you are sole owner of your company or a Main Board Director, and the education has to start with you! Just hope I’ve convinced you of it all!

Now just go ahead and start using GenieBelt!