Best construction software of 2017

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Get an overview of the best construction software to use in 2017

Working on building projects can easily involve a lot of problems such as communication problems, getting an overview of the progress or just understanding all the data coming in. To make it easier for construction managers or the like, we have made a list of useful construction software that companies can use in order to grow their business, ease the workload and make everything work hand in hand. The list includes the following categories:

  • Estimating software
  • Collaboration software
  • Accounting Software
  • CRM Software
  • Client Communication
  • Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Bid Management Software & RFP Management
  • Work Discovery
  • Design Software
  • Time Sheet Software
  • Equipment Sharing
  • Safety Software
  • Indoor Mapping
  • Maintenance Management Software
  • Data Analytics

View this Google Map to see where the different companies are located and how they can be reached.

There are around 170 good companies that can help you out and therefore we have made it easier for you to get an overview with the map. It is also possible to download the whole list below.

Estimating software

This category is software solutions that can help you with estimating the cost for a specific project and save time on planning.

Collaboration software

Collaboration software is softwarethat cann help you out with project management. Get a real-time overview of your project, let people communicate more efficiently and become more productive.

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Accounting software

A list of tools you can use to make things like invoicing and accounting much easier. Get better visibility of your cost and expenditures, which could lead to more financially responsible decision making.

CRM software

Use these tools to help manage your customer data, boost sales or step up your productivity.

Client communication

If you want to make sure that you are communicating with customers in the best way possible and making sure to solve any upcoming problems, then you can take a closer look at these tools.


It can be a good idea to boost your online presence or track your data in order to see how you are doing and take control over your online marketing performance. The list includes some good tools to help you out.

Website development

This section includes companies that offer solutions for you to create the perfect website for your business. Having a great looking website can help you generate leads and eventually make you win bigger.

Bid management software & RFP management

By using these software tools, you can improve the way you manage the bidding process and make sure that you for instance find the right sub contractors for your project. In that way, you have tools for managing contacts, proposals and contracts.

Work discovery

A list of sites that you can use to make sure to be matched to the best contractors or find construction projects.

Design software

This is a list of tools that can help you with designing your construction plans, document and collaborate on building projects.

Time sheet software

Use Time Sheet Software to help you out with managing, planning and reporting on employee time. In that way you could improve the visibility of your project, understand your employee utilization and make smarter decisions to save time and money.

Equipment sharing

There is a lot of things that can make a building project expensive. One of them is to have the right tools. These sites can help you out with renting high quality equipment at a low price. You are also able to lend out your equipment and earn money instead.

Safety software

Safety is important and these software tools can make sure that you manage your workplace safety more effectively.

Indoor mapping

Use these Indoor Mapping Software tools to help you out with mapping, navigating and digitizing your indoors. Something that could help you with things like construction planning and monitoring, facility management and visitor services.

Maintenance management software

It can be useful to use Maintenance Management Software tools, so that you can make sure that your assets are performing optimally and at maximum efficiency. For instance you can track things like expected lifetime, costs, maintaining records and make sure that upkeep and repairs are done on schedule and on budget.

Data analytics

With a lot of data of hand, it can be useful to use tools that can help you get insight into your business and save you time on paperwork and see how profitable you are. These software tools can help you out.

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You can also check out below the graphic we made to better visualize the software companies presented in this article.