Why mobile reporting can save your projects as the Coronavirus outbreak continues

Introducing mobile reporting to your construction teams is a crucial step in your effort to keep them connected. And it goes hand in hand with the data culture of your organisation. In other words, your digital maturity.

mobile reporting in construction

Coronavirus in construction: The effect on your projects 

The outbreak of Coronavirus has already had a serious impact on both our societies and the construction industry. Building sites all over the world are shutting down completely or continue to work with fewer people on the ground.

On the bright side, there are some sectors in construction (eg. road, rail, school buildings, etc.) that might be able to accelerate their activities due to the imposed traffic and quarantine restraints. 

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Regardless of the type of your projects, the need for your teams to stay connected and exchange critical updates in real time is still imminent. And it becomes even more crucial, if we take into account that material deliveries are now often delayed and come with a higher cost, contractual agreements are seriously tested because of COVID-19 and site employees are greatly concerned about their health and well-being. 

How mobile reporting can keep your teams connected during and after the Coronavirus outbreak 

LetsBuild’s progress reporting feature allows teams to accurately report progress on their tasks and instantly notifies any parties that need to follow up. That’s extremely valuable considering how important it is for Project Directors and Project Managers to have a complete overview of what’s happening on site in real time when they are not there. 

And that’s something that they need during and after the Coronavirus outbreak. Because we are not talking about a quick fix that you will no longer need once COVID-19 stops being a threat. We are talking about a data-driven approach that allows you to always be on top of your projects either you are working from the site or remotely. 

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With LetsBuild, field teams can simply report work progress when their tasks are finished or when problems occur, with a few clicks using their smartphones. Scattered data, phone calls and long email threads are eliminated by keeping all reporting and collaboration in one tool. When a task is delayed or completed, the schedule is automatically updated to reflect the change. And that’s a difference of paramount importance compared to tools such as WhatsApp, Zoom and Slack when it comes to construction management.

Mobile field reporting can be a powerful tool on the hands of your team if used correctly. Being able to submit real-time updates and photos from the site to the right people with just a few clicks can play a decisive role in flagging issues instantly avoiding late task deliveries and by extension project overruns.

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Introducing mobile reporting to your construction teams is a crucial step in your effort to keep them connected. It also goes hand in hand with the data culture of your organisation. In other words, your digital maturity. That’s a crucial parameter that many stakeholders in construction fail to address and that can hinder your digital transformation journey.

So the next big mission for construction is to find the culture drivers that will unlock a new way of working and communicating in construction. 

With that in mind, we encourage you to take a few minutes today and measure your company’s digital maturity through our free online assessment. 

We launched the Construction Digital Maturity Ladder (CDML) to provide clarity over the digital landscape and support you in your effort to turn digital gaps into functional demands allowing you to plan maturity increase and support your strategy both during and after the Coronavirus outbreak.

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