10 best entry-level construction jobs

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Everyone needs to start somewhere within the construction field, but no one should ever think that they can walk onto a job site as a manager without putting in their dues.  Construction is a tough job and the more you learn from experience, and working your way up, the better you will be when you finally do reach a higher level, like a manager.

The 10 entry-level construction jobs

1. A Carpentry Laborer

When you are hired as a carpentry laborer, you are going to spend a lot of time setting up and tearing down job sites.  You will also move around equipment and materials, clean up the trash throughout the day, and learn how to use many of the different tools.  This may seem like a thankless job, but it is an important one that will allow you to gain a lot of experience in the long term.

2. General Contractor’s Laborer

This position is very similar to the one mentioned above, but there are a few differences.  When you are working directly under a general contractor, you will have the ability to learn how to do many different types of jobs.  While a carpenter only does carpentry, a general contractor will have you learning drywall, tiling, carpentry, and much more.  Yes, you will still be focusing on clean up, but the skills you can learn in between will have so much more value.

3. Landscape Laborer

While landscaping is not always known as part of the construction industry, it is a major part when buildings are going up.  Landscaping is hard work, but you can learn a lot and maybe eventually start your own company.  You can learn how to use quite a bit of heavy machinery in this position, which can come in handy no matter what construction job you have in the future.

4. Painting Laborer

It is not as easy to paint as it seems, so this is an excellent place to start if you think this is the job for you.  And if you discover that it isn’t the job you want, at least you will have some additional skills that can work in your favor in the future.  When you start this position, you will begin by laying down painting sheets, taping frames and other items that are not going to be painted, and doing the clean up at the end.  Once you have that mastered, you will be trained on how to prep, prime, and paint properly.

5. Commercial Construction Laborer

It is all about commercial projects when you start this entry level construction position.  While you will find yourself working on many larger buildings like schools, you will have ample opportunities to work on some smaller jobs too.  This job will have you doing anything and everything, which is good if you want to learn as many skills as possible.  This type of position will also help you narrow your options down when it comes to where you want to focus your skills in the future.

6. Flooring and Tile Laborer

Set up and clean up is important as a flooring and tile laborer, but it won’t take you long before you are learning how to cut materials and lay them down on your own.  Some of your training will include learning why certain materials should be used in some spaces over others, while the rest will be about proper placement of materials and what to do if a material is not looking like it should in a space.

7. Masonry Worker

When you are a masonry worker, you will spend a lot of your time working with stones and bricks.  This can include constructing or repairing walls, creating or replacing walkways and patios, and so much more.  There really isn’t a limit of what you can do with these materials, so you can get really creative with this position.  In the beginning, you will be shown the techniques that you need to use to be successful as a masonry worker.  Once you learn the techniques, you will be allowed to help lay out bricks and stones.  A big part of your job in the beginning though will be moving materials around the job site.

8. Roofing Laborer

A roofing laborer spends their time replacing roofs or putting roofs on new buildings.  You can work on either residential or commercial buildings, so the job can always be challenging and new each day.  In the beginning, you will be designated as the dumpster person.  This entails making sure all the debris that comes off the roof goes into the dumpster instead of being left on the ground.  Once you have successfully completed that job, you may be asked to carry materials around the job site before eventually being shown how to install a roof.

9. Sheet Metal Worker

If you have always wanted to work with metal, then this is the construction job for you.  It will take some time before you can say you are skilled in this position, but the knowledge you gain in this specialized field will allow you to work long into the future.  In the beginning, you will be cleaning up at the site, or doing prep work, but as time goes by, you will be given more chances to show what you can do with metal.

10. Plumbing and Pipefitting Worker

You cannot walk onto a construction site and be a pro at plumbing or pipefitting, but you can easily learn by showing up every day.  In the beginning, you will spend days carrying pipes to where they are needed, while cleaning up after everything is done.  However, in between, you can watch the work being completed, while also being given instructions on why it is being completed the way it is.  This is another construction position that will take you some time to learn, but once you do, your skills and experience will be quite valuable in the future.


These are the best ten entry-level positions in the construction industry.  There is a shortage of construction employees at the moment, so this is an excellent field to get into.  There is so much for you to learn, but for every new skill you gain, your possibilities expand for the future.

You never know how far you can get in the construction industry, but by starting at the bottom and working hard, there is an excellent chance you can move up the ranks over the years.  And as you do, you can use all your skills to continue to solve problems as you oversee the work in a management position.


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