Why Construction Scheduling Software is More Efficient

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Construction projects are complex, and project managers have to take many factors into account. Fortunately, construction scheduling software makes it easier to keep your project on track and stay in control.

We’ll cover the benefits of scheduling software for construction crews, the best construction scheduling apps, and how to improve your communication and coordination throughout every project.

5 advantages of construction project scheduling software

construction scheduling software

We know you’re always looking for ways to manage your projects more efficiently—having a well-defined plan puts you and your crew in a position to complete a project successfully and on time.

Here are some benefits of construction scheduling software.

Eliminate surprises

Planning your projects using construction scheduling software makes it easier to take the element of surprise out of the picture. With the right apps, you can avoid eleventh-hour changes and stay on schedule.

Gain more control

We can all agree that project quality, cost, and time are three of the most important factors in construction. And they only get better with the proper planning that comes with construction scheduling software. You can gain more control over quality and ensure you have all the materials you need.

Improve productivity

You can also organize resources, like equipment and labour, more efficiently using construction scheduling software. Collaboration between everyone involved in the project allows you to plan better, be more productive, and complete the project on time.

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Decrease risks

The well-being of your construction crew is a real concern during any project. With construction project scheduling software, immediately identify who should be on the site and when your workers need to be wearing PPE to reduce any unnecessary risks to your business.

Handle disruptions

If you’ve worked in construction for any amount of time, you know that the unexpected happens. Whether it’s last-minute staffing changes or delays due to weather, project disruptions aren’t uncommon. With construction scheduling software, you can create better contingency plans to respond to these changes and quickly communicate with your entire crew.

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The best construction scheduling software

While there are a variety of construction scheduling software options, there are two applications that stand out from the rest—two of the best construction scheduling apps are:

Microsoft Project

MS Project features a variety of tools and options to set up and manage your construction project. It’s a reliable and well-supported construction scheduling software that integrates with SharePoint and Office 365.

Microsoft Project’s built-in templates can reduce the time needed to set up a project, and you can integrate your schedules from this software seamlessly with LetsBuild.

The desktop application doesn’t require you to have an internet connection to use but only works on Windows. It’s also quite expensive and has a real learning curve, but it’s one of the best construction scheduling apps available.

Primavera P6

This construction scheduling software is a top choice for industry professionals. Primavera P6 features resource and cost management options, the ability to handle 100,000 activities, and tools for Gantt charts and reporting.

The software is fast and efficient, allowing up to four relationships between two project activities. You can also divide your activities for more productive reporting and integrate your schedules and reports with LetsBuild.

Like MS Project, it’s only available on Windows and can take some time to learn how to use properly.

Your construction scheduling software should do more

The way you handle communication and coordination is as important as the scheduling itself. If we had to name the biggest downfall of construction scheduling software, it would be their lack of handling this aspect of the job.

We see many industry professionals using WhatsApp and Excel to keep in touch with their teams and update tasks, but shouldn’t there be a better way to handle communication and coordination?

Reinvent how you communicate with LetsBuild

LetsBuild For Construction Scheduling

LetsBuild is a construction management platform that allows you to integrate your existing construction scheduling software, ERP system, and document management so you can see everything happening at your work site.

Here’s how LetsBuild can turn your construction scheduling software into an application that gives you a better way to communicate and coordinate during your projects:

Stay on schedule

By connecting your construction scheduling software with LetsBuild, you can view the progress of your entire project without ever leaving the office. You get the ability to track the performance of your project and crew with a full audit trail of communication at your fingertips.

Reduce administrative work

With LetsBuild, you can gain even more control over your scheduling and view, check, and reassign your resources across every project. You can get instant progress reports from your crew and easily see which trades are performing well and which are underperforming.

Keep everyone on the same page

LetsBuild makes it easy to communicate with all of your stakeholders, identify changes to your plans with a single click, and keep records of meetings and communications.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – learn more about how LetsBuild can give you full control over your construction scheduling, planning, and communication.

Start your free LetsBuild demo and see how much easier it is to deliver successful projects with the right construction management software.