What will Commercial Construction be like in 100 years’ time?

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Now that’s an interesting question! It won’t bother any of us but will be nice to know the kind of work environment our great-great-great grandkids might be working in! Not having a crystal ball, I don’t know how thy global future is going to evolve, so I’ll just have to make a few guesses 🙂

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Technology will rule; okay!

But it will go a lot further. We are likely to see a construction site with 3D Printers scattered around and popping out the component parts with cute little robots bustling around and assembling them to construct the World’s newest, biggest Shopping Mall! – or hospital, or office block or whatever. However we’ll have called a halt to some robotics taking over! We’ll still have to give some of us something to do during the day so we’ll have the usual site management people and skilled finishing trades at it; electricians, plumbers, painters and decorators, etc..

But what kind of world will this be happening in?

The last 50 years have seen the global population increase five-fold.

If that has carried on for the next century it will give us a human population of 175 billion!

Space is becoming a problem! Well, space will be a partial answer; we’ll have built Space Ports by then and booted as many as possible off to the Moon or other planets. 🙂 Still, space on Earth is still a problem.

House building will have become a thing of the past and commercial construction will be banging up huge apartments for people to live in.

Because we need to eat I reckon we’ll be building apartments in layers, stacked like Wedding Cakes, to leave agricultural land to grow food on. We’ll also be excavating and building underground; back to being Cave Men! A prime location for accommodation could well have become the non-arable parts of the Earth like the Sahara Desert!

Tune in next time for the second half of this post…

What do you think Construction will be like in a 100 years?

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