What will Commercial Construction be like in 100 years’ time? Part II

Written by LetsBuild

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In our last post we asked ourselves what Commercial Construction would be like in a 100 years? Quite a question, eh?! Well find out how the story ends…

We have covered food now we need to talk about Water.

Water, a prime essential for all life, won’t be a problem. Construction, using its cute little robots, will be sticking up desalination plants on every bit of suitable coast line! Like it or not, these will have to be nuclear-powered because that’s about the only source of energy we’ll have left! The days of “Sun, sea and sangria” are over unless someone fancies dying of radiation poisoning! The Greens will just have to live with this!

Hang on, though! We’ve been promised a major solar flare that is going to wipe out all our electrical and electronic equipment! That means we shan’t be having our 3D Printers and robots which will:

bring us back to today’s commercial construction model with people having to do everything!

Now I don’t actually know what materials 3D Printers use to produce their offerings, but I’m pretty sure that at the level we’ll have to be building with our traditional materials, material procurement will be a serious problem!

We won’t in fact, be able to get enough to meet demand! Not a tree left on Earth?

If we use concrete and steel then their manufacture, in today’s world, produces 60% of all CO2 emissions.

What it will do to the future atmospheric conditions is a bit off-putting! Perhaps commercial construction may have to concentrate on temporary accommodation like putting up tents! That won’t be very comfortable for people if the next Ice Age strikes! We are just about due for one now. They happen about every 100,000 years and come on very suddenly after some steep global warming which will have been helped along by our increased CO2 output!

That would make construction very busy building igloos instead of putting up tents!

So what will Commercial Construction be like in 100 years’ time? The paradigm is too hard to be able to guess at.

What is actually certain is that, in all essential respects, it will be exactly the same as today! The people involved will do what they have done throughout history! They’ll look at what is required of them and decide on the best way to achieve that!

They’ll “suck it and see, then make it up as they go along!” It is that rare and subtle ability which attracts people into Commercial Construction in the first place!

What do you think?