Why You Should Invest In Free Construction Software

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Why Isn’t Technology an Integral Part of Construction Yet?

This is quite an interesting question, but the first thing we have to do is understand what it is asking. For example AutoCAD and MS Project have been used in construction for years; the pair of them required the use of computers. The first time I came across either and used computers in construction was in the mid-1980’s.

– This required great hulking desktop computers of which there was probably only one on a site, or even none, and the one used was in a Head Office.

Technology is getting better

At the time these were cutting-edge technology! But we moved on and, firstly desktops became more functional and appeared on our sites, then laptops became the norm and were soon lying around all over the place!

What we are looking at here is actually why technology, using today’s “gadgets”, isn’t more widely used!

Well, smart phones and tablets haven’t actually been around that long; 2 or 3 years? And it is probably only in the last year or so that the more elderly amongst construction workers have had them as their contracts were renewed.

It was the young and trendy who, as usual, were in there first! Some of us followed more slowly! It is only very recently, then, that technology reduced the size and availability to make it readily available to everyone working in construction.

So here we are today, all wandering around sites with our “gadgets” immediately to hand ready for a quick draw if they ring! But all we can do with them is save ourselves hours walking around sites to try and find the guy we need to speak with. Our old 1990’s mobile phones gave us that luxury! Best invention since sliced bread! That just leaves the other side of technology – the software programmes – to look at.

Construction is very complex. Some programmes have been developed for construction’s use. These, however, have tended to have been developed by IT guys who have had no real understanding of the complexity they have to try and service, or the requirement of the end users. All they saw was a business opportunity that might make them some money. Even the good programmes they produced were only directed at a small section of our complexity; they weren’t all things to all men.

What we have been waiting for so that today’s technology does become an integral part of our industry is for construction professionals to become so frustrated with lack of technological progress that they, themselves, turn into software developers!

Construction software

We need our gadgets to tell absolutely everyone involved in a project absolutely everything the used to find out, or record, with bits of paper. That is happening as I write this. GenieBelt, the all singing, all dancing Free Construction Software is out!

I know it will, at long last, make technology an integral part of construction. I also know it will provide us with everything we need because my brains were picked during its development

says he, very modestly!

The Free version will provide everything needed for day-to-day operations. Go for the modestly priced Full version and you’ll get even more, plus all project records held on their server in perpetuity! Geniebelt is very simple to install and use, plus it is actually a free construction software!

So what are you waiting for?