What are the Modern Characteristics of a Skilled Construction Project Manager

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Are you a construction project manager? If you are then, congratulations! I have a huge respect and admiration for the construction project managers (CPMs). Based on the communication and collaboration with a lot CPMs in the past, I wanted to show my admiration by crafting a piece of information that will showcase the profile of a modern and skilled construction project manager. Let’s look at what actually CPM is.
A construction project manager is actually the head, soul and spirit of the project that will be executed. In other words, the CPM is a person who plans, coordinates and take care of the results – with the help of subordinate personnel. His work is concerned with construction, as well as the maintenance of many structures, systems, and participating in the development of many projects of construction.

A closer look in the tasks that the CPM executes:

  • Depending on the source of the project opportunity, the CPM usually prepares tenders and negotiate with the client to get the contract.
  • The CPM goes deeper in the job specification in order to determine the right methods for execution. Within this activity, he also takes care of the licenses and important permits.
  • Estimates the requirements for labor on every construction site as well as the logistics for workers supply.
  • The CPM prepares and delivers great communication for the project plans, process, and outcomes to the administrative staff as well as the workers.
  • Being the soul of the project, the CPM Inspects the safety matter of the project. The CPM is obliged to take immediate decisions and actions in case of bad weather or any emergencies at the construction site.
  • Develop and finalize programs for the control of quality.
  • The CPM has his/her eyes on monitoring the project closely and also estimates the budget & time required for the deadlines to meet.
  • The CPM is the person that crafts as well as submit the progress report and reports for cost tracing.

What skills should one CPM has in order to execute the above mentioned tasks?

A CPM must be able to grasp the meaning of every written sentence in the documents, which are project related. Logical reasoning and huge sense of discipline and urgency in order to constantly be on a lookout for ways to improve the project or spot a weakness. When it comes to modern abilities, he must nurture an open spirit for new technologies and software application and usage. This goes along with the ability to be able to teach others how the workers can improve/automate their job. Another important ability for the CPM is the influence and persuasion power.

Now, let’s look into the abilities of one CPM:

  • Clear communication – Ability to explain, resonate and build rapport with others.
  • Problem Solver – The ability to tell when a problem occurs and deal with it asap.
  • Prioritizing – The ability to prioritize i.e. create a serial order or pattern for execution.
  • Micro focus – To be able to look at the things from a close range and zoom in on the core of the issues.
  • Imagination – The power of imagining the end result and continuously communicating that bigger picture.
  • Innovative – The CPM must have the ability to come up with ideas and ways things can be done in order to gain likeability, credibility and trust from the client.
  • IT and Tech ready – In order to have more projects done in a short period of time, to be able to conduct all of the mentioned tasks above…nowadays, one CPM must have the ability to use IT related software and hardware.

Do you have anything to add when it comes to what a modern construction project manager should have as a skill or ability? We’ve broken down the ten key responsibilities of a construction project manager. Complement it with a project manager’s do’s and don’t’s